Online Bible School Scholarship

Online Bible School Scholarship

Hi, my name is Rebecca Santellan and I am married to Jaime. We have ten children together which include his, mine, and adopted, our youngest is 2 years old. We now have eight grandchildren with more to come. We live in Michigan and have lived here most of our lives. I love spending daily time with God, reading, learning, and kayaking. I am an EMT with a criminal justice educational background. I have put in many long days volunteering with the American Red Cross for medical events. I have recently found CLI’s online Bible School scholarship and am excited to continue my education.

Although I grew up in a home where both parents worked in ministry, they did not show me how to live for God and have a walk with God. By the time I was a young teen, I was a heroin addict and alcoholic but got clean after getting pregnant at eighteen. I relapsed with alcohol two years ago and have been on a journey of inner healing since then. I have been a Christian since a young adult but did not truly know a personal relationship with Him until the last six months.

I have recently felt a calling on my life to work with teens and young ladies who have had hard journeys to walk. The church which I have attended in my recovery along with a step study is launching a group for teens. I am going to be a leader for high school girls that have gone through hurts, habits, and hang-ups. I am so excited that God can use my past hurts, abuse, and addictions to help others.

Since I love learning and have not retained a lot of information on the Bible, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself. I am not sure where God is leading me, but where ever it is, Bible knowledge and sound doctrine will be very helpful. There is no way I would have been able to do this without a Christian Leaders Institute Bible School scholarship that offers free ministry training. I am a stay at home mom that works many hours outside the home. However, those hours are either volunteer, time I have spent on my healing, or time I have put in to help others on their path to recovery along with their relationship with God. I do not have an income with any of these but I do know this is where I am called to be so with that, I trust God to supply all our needs and this online Bible School Scholarship program is one of them.

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