Online Bible School for Zambia

Christian Leaders Institute is an Online Bible School for Zambia. The Internet allow CLI to beam classes to students in a place like Zambia where ministry training is really needed. Meet Max Chisaka of Zambia:

My name is Max Chisaka. I live in Lusaka, Zambia. I am a retired central (reserve) banker. I am married to my wife Rose, and have three children, the oldest living in the USA, the second is a medical doctor here in Lusaka, and the youngest (22 years old) is finishing his university education in Malaysia. I am a member of the United Church of Zambia, the largest Protestant church in Zambia with some 4 million members in 2,000 congregations in some 100 consistories in 10 presbyteries.

Having held several different responsibilities within the Church, my current focus is: 1) Teaching and developing lay people into leaders 2) Working with the Men’s Christian Fellowship (MCF) group within the Church and 3) Working with the youth group for boys called Boys Brigade.

While I have had some training that allows me to function and perform acceptedly in these areas, I feel that a more systematic study in the areas that CLI can provide will make me even more effective in serving these groups. The MCF groups within the Church are set up with the prime purpose of evangelism. As a leader in this group, I want to see us become more effective as evangelists. With the lay leaders development, I am basically a teacher. My family has been very supportive in the work that I have done so far, though this has often meant being away from home and the use of our personal resources to ensue that the work is completed.

Please pray for the United Church and the various groups and programs that have been established to further the kingdom of God. Pray for me also that even as I advance in age, I can continue to render a service to God’s people that helps them grow.


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