Online Bible School in Bermuda

Derek Weller lives in Bermuda, which is a small island with limited resources for anybody who wants to take their knowledge of God beyond the sermons at church. Without any substantial income, traditional methods of Bible training would have been impossible for Derek, but when he discovered that Christian Leaders Institute offers an Online Bible School in Bermuda he was able to find the training that he needed.

Derek Weller Talks About His Need for the Online Bible School in BermudaOnline Bible School in Bermuda

Hello and Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. My name is Derek Weller and I live on the islands of Bermuda which is located off the east coast of the USA in the Atlantic Ocean. I am the last of seven children. My father was the pastor of our church until he went home to be with the Lord on March 11th, 2011.

Bermuda is only 22sq miles but there is probably a church on every corner. Religious beliefs are protected here although a lot of people either don’t believe the true gospel or don’t live what they once believed.

I was born in the church and was brought up to serve the Lord, however I made my decision to really serve the Lord in my teens.

I currently play the organ at my church as well as sound and media.

I am pursuing this Ministry course for my own spiritual benefit and to strengthen my relation with the Lord.

My prayer is that I will be ready and equipped for whatever the Lord wants for me to do and that I will forever walk close to Him and be in His perfect Will.

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