Never Too Late to Become a Pastor

Never Too Late to Become a Pastor

The fact is at CLI it is never too late to become a pastor with this training. Some people are called to ministry early in life with years ahead of them. They can go to a college focused on getting their degree in theology. They can get student loans for a seminary that can be paid back throughout the remaining years of their lives. But what if God calls people who are already well past the prime college years of their lives? It’s often very difficult for people who are called late in life to find training. They have careers. They have families. They often can’t obtain student loans for a seminary degree, especially since a full-time ministry position would often be a large salary cut for them.

Chong Cha Lo is one person that is called late in life. He initially felt the call of God on his heart when he was still young, but he chose to pursue a different career instead. Now, many years later, he’s been called to ministry. He experienced that it is never too late to become a pastor when God is leading. But like so many who are more advanced in life, Chong can’t attend a seminary. He works a lot of hours in pursuit of his calling already. He’s been thrust into a position that he wasn’t prepared for due to some unforeseen events. He needed training that would fit his schedule, not training he would have to fit his schedule to.

Chong found that when he discovered Christian Leaders Institute. All the classes were online, which meant he could study when he had time. They are funded entirely by donations, so he didn’t have to spend money he didn’t have. And he didn’t have to relocate or drive hours to attend a classroom location.

You can read Chong Cha Lo’s story in his own words below, but if you’re called to ministry training we encourage you to create an account and take the first class. Just click here to get started immediately.

My name is Chong Cha Lo and I live in California, USA. Although I have been a Christian since the young age of 13, I never took God’s call to serve him as a pastor seriously until recently. When I graduated from high school, I felt then a call to His service, but instead opted to attend college to pursue a different profession.

I spent nearly twenty-two years in the profession I chose, and although it was rewarding financially, I always felt that there was still something missing. I did not feel that I was doing what God put on this earth to do. Well, several years ago, my local church went through a difficult time and the pastor left with more than half of the membership. I volunteered to help give sermons to the remaining membership on Sundays. After two years, the membership asked me to get ordained and become pastor of the church. After much praying, my wife and I agreed. I feel now that I know what my life purpose is, which is to be an ambassador for HIm.

I feel that I still have a lot to learn as a new pastor and having not attended seminary, I needed an online program that will accommodate my work schedule. I found CLI through Web-search, as though God was leading me to you. Thank you. I hope to take more classes and gain valuable insight and skill to help me in this new role, of course, with the Lord’s guidance and provision. God Bless CLI.

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