My name is Robert Sean Emslie, and I live in the United States of America. Ministry in the United States is becoming more difficult as more of the populous are becoming secular and opposed to any religion or religious belief.

I came to know the Lord through my family, school and church when I was about six years old. One night after a midweek Bible program, I came to realize that I needed to repent of my sins and put my faith in Christ.

I look forward to serving as a congregational leader of a congregation.

I would say that the Urbana 87 Student Conference sponsored by InterVarsity was a key time of commitment to lifelong ministry service.

As said earlier, America is becoming post-religious faith, so it is hard to get people to participate in any religious service or activity.

I have been given opportunities to teach small groups and even challenged to develop a men’s group.

A scholarship is important because lack of funds for education has pushed my educational pursuits from my 20’s now into my 40’s, so any opportunity for free education is a blessing.

I want to find an area of service and a place to use my skills and exercise my calling to minister.

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