Hello, my name is Vaughn Tucker, I was born in St Ann Jamaica in 1973. I remember clearly telling my Mother that when I grow up, “I am going to ride on a bicycle and preach”’ When I was seven years old my Mother decided to take me to kingston to live with my Father’s family.

My Grandmother was a committed christian and would take me to church with her, it was at this time that I began to experience the sense that I was lost and needed to be saved. Youth fellowship was where I would meet other young people who who was in my age group. Duhaney Park Gospel Assembly had a vibrant Youth Fellowship and also the Sunday School department, along with Pastor Clark preaching help me to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ at one of our annual church camp.

Though I had made the decision to accept the Lord as my Savior, I was still unsure of my salvation, I was struggling to understand, “how God accept me, and on what basis” After struggling with this for some time, sometimes losing sleep and low appetite for food, I was awaken one morning very early by this verse spoken in my Spirit.

So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy Romans 9:16-23

I was involved in Jamaica Youth For Christ, doing missions, ministry in schools.

In 2007 I migrated to South Florida where I joined South Florida Gospel Church, while there I serve as youth leader and as deacon. Though I did study at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in their extension program, moving to Florida I felt the need to have more formal training for ministry, as I have felt from a tender age the call to ministry because of the gifts the Lord has given me and the desire I have to see the people of God experience freedom in Christ.

My wife name is Narice and we have a son Nathaniel who is 3 years old, I also have a daughter her name is Jasmine she is 11 years old.
My search for ministry training led me to Christian Leaders Institute, which I found to offer excellent and relevant courses. Dr Feddes is one of the professors that as certainly left a good impressions presenting his courses and content. It really ease the pressure to get free ministry training at this level without thinking about student loan and how I would pay for it.

The difficulty in ministry I would say is getting people motivated about the gospel, this can only be done through prayer and presenting the gospel.

The free ministry training and ordination will open doors that would otherwise be closed to me.

Being equipped and recognized by Christian Leaders Institute will give me that authority to further the ministry of the gospel.

South Florida Gospel Church where I was ordained with the laying of hands as been supportive under the leadership of Pastor Ansel Aiken who is a mentor to me.

I live in Pompano beach Florida, It is the second oldest city in Broward County and the fifth oldest in all of South Florida. The challenge present in this area is like other cities, people who are busy about other things and not concerned about eternal life.

I started a bible study in the City of Sunrise about 40 minutes drive from Pompano, however, I am planning on starting by God’s grace to cast the vision where I live in Pompano.

I am also grateful for the many resources available to me from Christian Leaders Institute and thankful to Pastor Henry Reyenga and his team for making these materials available free.

I identify or see myself as a Pastor observing other Pastor’s life I see that they have many roles to play at times. I am asking for prayer for my family and for wisdom as we set out by God’s grace into this area of ministry.

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