My name is Patricia Jean Gordon, and I live in the United States. I have been saved since the age of 15 years old. As a young child, I would attend church service with my grandmother. Growing up I continued to attend church with my mother. At the age of 16 years old, my Pastor would ask me to read the Sunday scripture during service. My relationship with God grew stronger, and I began to hear His voice speaking to me. I have experienced many different denominations through my life. I have seen God working in others.

In 2005, my mother went home to be with the Lord. It was a very hard time for me because my mom was my best friend. My Father in Heaven filled that void immediately. Also in 2005, I lost a nephew to cancer and God was with me once again. A few months later I was having issues with my thyroid, and the doctors told me that I needed to have it removed. Without hesitation, I agreed and scheduled the surgery. I did not inform my family of the situation because I prayed To God and asked him to be with me and see me through, and I knew He heard my prayer. The week of my surgery I finally informed my family and they were none to happy. I explained to them that God had me in the palm of His hand, and all they would do was worry and that was not of God. Weeks after my surgery I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. My family was very worrisome because we just lost my nephew to cancer. I stayed calm and knew that God was still covering me. I came through, and I am cancer free today. I placed my life in the Hands of God years ago and trusted Him at His word.

I recall in 2009 having a conversation with an Elder of my church and I was saying that I did not want to be a Preacher, Pastor, Evangelist, and Minister or do anything that had to do with being in the pulpit. God spoke to me through a vision. He then spoke and said “How are you saying you are not going to be in the pulpit or not be a Preacher, Pastor, Evangelist or a Minister?” Then he showed me a vision of me at the age of 16 in the pulpit of my former church. He spoke and said “I already had you there, but you did not understand because you so young.” That is when I knew that God had a place for me. I truly love working with the children, but I can identify with any of those words. The only challenge in my geographical area is the number of churches and the different denominations and different teachings. I want everyone one to teach the Word of God from His manuscript solely. My church and my Pastor are enormous supporters, and my Pastor is always available to me and his congregation.

I can say that my grandmother and mother planted the seed and watched it grow. They showed me how to be a true Christian and love the Lord with every part of my being. Getting this scholarship would help me obtain more knowledge and help me bring more souls into God’s kingdom. Help other get a relationship with God and see the unconditional love that He has for us as a sinner. We are not worthy of His love, but He still loves us. I am asking that you pray that the Holy Spirit consumes me and teaches me all that God has for me and my ministry. I want to be a blessing to others through the word of God.

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