Music Minister

Music Minister

My name is Brian Harkrider and I am called to be a music minister and possibly a pastor. I am 49 years old and I live in the United States of America. Living in a major metropolitan area, the hustle and bustle of the hurry-up lifestyle seem to be a large impairment to ministering the Word for me. Currently, I am blessed to be able to serve in the praise and worship group in my church. This is a tremendous blessing for me, as music is a huge part of God’s calling for me.

I was saved at an early age. Praise be to God, my mother made sure that older sister and I were firmly grounded in church. Some my earliest memories of are of the church and activities centered around the church. I fell away from the path, however, as a teenager and young adult. But as God is faithful, He called me back and used me for His purpose while I was working overseas in Iraq.

My ministry dream is, of course, to follow God’s call wherever and however He desires. For me, though, I have and use the gift of musical talent, bestowed by Him, to bring praise, glory, and honor to His name as a music minister. Also, I desire to be a leader of the congregation in some capacity, possibly as a pastor.

I feel that this Getting Started class with Christian Leaders Institute has prompted me to take an introspective view of myself and my motivation to serve Christ. To ask myself questions if I am up to the task before me, and, to accept where I have been found to be lacking. This has, in turn, helped to strengthen my reliance upon the Lord to be the guide and provider for all my needs. To rely on the hope given that He is faithful to complete the work He has started.

I relate to call of pastor the most. God has used me in that role. He has given me the ability to speak in a public forum and present His message in a concise/understandable manner. I also feel that He has given me a heart of a servant leader through my life experiences.
The challenge for me isn’t geographical. It’s more a question of walking in faith and overcoming the hesitations from within myself. It is my hope that the learning/training offered through CLI will embolden me to take the steps of faith to become a more effective instrument of God’s kingdom.

I was pulled to the Word with the need to know of my standing with God. It has shown me my utter dependence upon Him and my desperate reliance upon His grace and mercy. Through the Word, I have been granted a peace that brings me comfort from deep within. It is by hearing the Word that faith is grown. It is through faith that hope is born. It is the Word, and the Word is love.

Currently, I serve in the praise and worship band. The church has been very welcoming to me, in that role. It is my honored duty/service to be able to serve God, bless God, and hopefully others through music, praising and worshiping our Lord and Savior.

CLI was recommended to me by one of my pastors. He believed that it offered me the median to take my service to the next level. I prayerfully hope that the knowledge/training will enhance my ministry for the furtherance of God’s kingdom. That I will gain confidence, through the training to be a much more effective minister of the Word. Please pray that God would bless me in this venture. To be persistent, diligent, and faithful to His calling.

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