Motorcycle Ministry Call

Motorcycle Ministry Call

Hello, my name is John Newell and I have a motorcycle ministry call. I live in the state of Minnesota in the USA. I sometimes ask God why I am living here with all the inclement weather we have. My journey in faith started at a young age. I went to Sunday school as a small child, and then in middle school, I went through confirmation classes. There was, however, a time of my life that most might be familiar with as the prodigal. It was later after I met and married my wife that I went back to church.

Unfortunately, my experience in the church has left me questioning and judging others for various reasons. I managed to have the kids go through confirmation. I always thought we will go to church throw a couple bucks in the offering and your good to go that was easy. Right? It would be a few years until I found myself looking at myself in the mirror and asking, “Who am I?” Also, at that time, I had gone through some addiction problems with alcohol and had reached my breaking point.

I was always into motorcycles and was planning on going to the Blessing of the Bikes at a local non-denominational church in my area one year, unfortunately, I was in jail. So I prayed to God and told myself I wanted to be there the next year. So a couple friends and I were planning to go. The morning came and it was gloomy and cloudy, but I was determined to get there so we went. When we got there I met some guys from a Christian motorcycle club and started hanging around with them. The Holy Spirit was there and it was very apparent I needed these great men of God in my life. They have been great friends and brothers of mine. God called me out of my sin that day so many years ago. All in for the Lord is what I like to call it.

I found Christian Leaders Institute and I hope to continue learning and becoming better equipped to disciple to all nations as it says in the Bible. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you.

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