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My name is Frances Andersen from beautiful Southern Oregon. Looking for more training in ministry, a friend told me about the Christian Leaders Institute. Now, I study at CLI to prepare for whatever ministry God leads me to do.

My Journey

As I share my story with others, I see where God was in every step of my life. Growing up in a Catholic home introduced me to the existence of Yahweh very young. I received infant baptism in the Catholic Church, went through catechism in the second grade, and made confirmation as a teen, where I committed my life to Christ. My life was always His, even though it took me several years to understand how that would play out in the long run. For years, I searched for what was always with me from the beginning of my life.

Unfortunately, my interaction with the world of adulthood didn’t start out very well. Even though I was raised in a decent home with good parents, things happened. Easily influenced, I turned out to be an awesome follower of people, good and bad. Again, unfortunately, I tended to follow and take advice from people who didn’t always steer me in the right direction.

Called but Running

The whisper of a call was always there. However, like Jonah, I ran away until there was nowhere to run. I began to pay attention and learned to not only hear Him call but stop to listen. Nothing in the world I was turning to filled the emptiness or repaired the brokenness but God. He showed me that in Him, I would find comfort. Therefore, I surrendered.

More Training in Ministry at CLI

Many people have walked beside me, helping, encouraging, and listening while I learned, pondered, and wrestled with passages in the Bible. I began working with other people, doing for them what others had done for me. That’s why I am here at the Christian Leaders Institute. A friend of mine found CLI and told me to check it out. I wanted more training in ministry without the huge tuition I could not afford. Ready to retire from my current profession, I am dedicating the rest of my life to service work.

I don’t know what the Lord has in store for me at the end of all this, but I know without a doubt He brought me to CLI. He made more training in ministry possible. In faith, I will do what He puts in front of me.

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