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Nicole Has a Heart for Mission Work

My name is Nicole and I have a heart for mission work. I am a married mother of four, three daughters and a son. We are living in the state of Florida in the United States of America. I have two amazing grandchildren, and I am just amazed every day that God has blessed our family so richly! My husband is a wonderful hardworking man. He works at one of the Veteran’s hospitals here in Florida (no, he’s not a doctor). He works long hard hours to provide for our family and I am grateful.

I have grown up in the church one way or another most of my life, but I was quite rambunctious in my teen years. I married young, had children and got divorced. My first husband was not a good man. I was lost and scared for a long while. Then one day it hit me, it was like God Himself tapped me on my shoulder and it all came pouring out. I asked Him for help, I asked Jesus for a worthy man, a partner, a husband, truly a friend. He answered those prayers and reminded me that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM.

I have a heart for mission work. My dream is to become a Pastor and spend my years in mission work helping and spreading His word. I feel my calling to be a Pastor was not a choice made by me, I feel as though the Holy Spirit spoke those words into my heart. Christian Leaders Institute is giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. Christian Leaders Institute is a gift from God. This first class has reminded me that our daily walk with God needs to be just that, daily. It is to be a habit more crucially important than brushing your teeth or showering.

I don’t have any challenges in my geographical area for attending school. I actually drop my daughter off at college 2 days a week and I still school my youngest at home. I am blessed to be in a part of the world where educational opportunities surround us. The major obstacle for me is financial. Now CLI has made the impossible, possible.

Become ordained through Christian Leaders Alliance.

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