Mission Revival Preacher

Mission Revival Preacher

My name is Jacob E. Mitchell and I am called to be a mission revival preacher. I was born December 19th, 1985 in Newark, Delaware in the United States of America. I currently live in Cancun, Mexico. I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ at a very young age through my grandfather. My grandfather has always gone to church and was very active in the church helping others out in any way. He taught me that it is important to do as God has asked us in all areas of life such as giving tithes to the church. He also shared how God expects us to live and that he has a plan for each and every one of us here on earth. In this aspect, I would attend church with passion and at 8 years old I asked God to enter my heart and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I was baptized in a Christian church. My grandfather many years later became a pastor in a Baptist Christian church. And I was very excited for this as I dreamed to become a preacher since I was 8 years old. When I found out that he became a preacher, it truly inspired me that I could also with the Grace of God become a preacher despite all I have done in my life.

The greatest moment in my life that re-prompted me to the calling to be a preacher that has been following and calling me for so many years was a very wonderful Christian woman that became my fiancée. I had tried to do things by my actions, my will, and my desire and failed every time. After meeting my fiancée, she guided me back to God and back to church. She helped me with my prayer life and in all this, my relationship with the Lord became stronger and the calling to be a preacher increased. I could hear God calling me again. He always had been calling me, but I was unable to hear him as I was not in a good personal relationship with Jesus. Now at 32 years old, I feel the pulling on my heart from God and the Holy Spirit more than ever to be a mission revival preacher.

Living in another country is different than the United States and I do not speak the native language very well but enough to express myself. In the area I live in Mexico, there is a great population of the natives that do speak English. So for me, I become very nervous when I attempt to speak to the locals in Spanish since my vocabulary is not strong enough at this moment. But I know that with the power of the Holy Spirit I can do anything and my fear of preaching in Spanish or in English in another country is going away. My goal and dream are to become a mission revival preacher here in Mexico appealing to all that seek God. I hope that my personal life experience will help others with any problems they have and with help from the Lord Jesus Christ. My local church is a very active church and I have made friends with the younger group leaders and pastors here. I am blessed that they are happy and willing to assist me in my calling to become a preacher.

The scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute will be a true blessing as I am unable to attend any Christian college. I do not have the Spanish vocabulary to do so or the money as the pay in Mexico is not anywhere the same as the U.S.A. With CLI, I can attend the school here online and on my schedule so that I can fulfill God’s calling for me to be a preacher. With all I have done thus far with my classes, I have been inspired and tested with my faith, my dedication and also with my academics. CLI classes have been exciting and have blessed my relationship with the Lord. My dream of being a Preacher can come true with CLI even though I am living in another country.

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