Mission Ministry Training

Mission Ministry Training

My name is Devon Glenn and I am receiving mission ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. My wife Mie, my fourteen-year-old son Elijah, and I currently reside in Niigata, Japan for the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel. As a family, we are committed to being vessels for the Holy Spirit to work through us to provide hope to impossible situations and to save the lost. It is an incredible honor to lead and serve with other mission teams who have a similar call. God is doing great things for the country of Japan. Even though we are surrounded by religious traditions we see that God changes the atmosphere before our teams arrive. When we show up with the Holy Spirit, the battle is won, the Victory and Glory are His. It is awesome to be used this way!

At a young age, I believed in God but I did not realize the power of the Gospel until my later years in life. In June 2014, my life radically changed when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. That day I was reintroduced to my Heavenly Father and this experience completely changed my life purpose.

My ministry dream is God’s call on my life. I said yes, and the next thing I knew I was closing our business, selling our possessions, and traveling the world with my family. We are promoting Kingdom Business and sharing the Gospel through music, Kingdom Business conferences, Bible studies, books, and sharing my testimony. We work wherever and however the Holy Spirit leads us.

Before starting this class in my mission ministry training journey, I was praying that God would provide a way to continue to grow in my relationship with Him. When my family is not on the mission field it was easy to serve, and further our education, because our pastors promote growth and training. Being away from our home church in Los Angeles, CA and in Japan makes things a little challenging. You have to find new ways to seek God, and he always opens the door. Christian Leaders Institute is a door that the Holy Spirit has opened for me. I love spending time with the Holy Spirit. This class provides an additional opportunity to spend time with the Lord and to better equip me and others through mission ministry training here.

My wife and I are team leaders that provide an English Service on Sunday at Urasa Christian Church in Urasa, Japan. My wife provides translation in Japanese and my son Elijah is on the media team. We also are part of a team that leads Bible study at the International University of Japan. A key experience that prompted me to pursue full-time ministry is through answered prayer. During a three-week mission trip in Uganda, there were a series of dreams, visions, and experiences that showed me that God has a plan for us and it is different than our plans. We were given a choice to continue life as we knew it or to trust God and be Spirit led. We chose to die to our selfish aspirations, take up the cross, and go where He sends us.

We face challenges in Japan because less than 1% are believers. Most people are bound by traditions and a religious spirit. The spiritual warfare is very high in Japan. The Bible has transformed our lives through the renewing of our minds. We believe every word of the Bible to be true. Our faith allows us to walk in the authority of Christ in us. It would be impossible to do what we do without the Holy Spirit and the Gospel. We use our God-given spiritual gifts in our ministry.

Elevate Church and our pastors have been supportive. They have equipped us and provided a loving church family. Our intercessory prayer team prays for us while we are in the mission field. On July 2017, our pastors ordained both Mie and me as Evangelists and Ministers under the covering of Elevate Church.

A scholarship at CLI is important to our ministry dream because it would continue to equip me, my family, and our teams and provide new, creative ways for us to share the Gospel and hopefully provide awareness and partnerships for our ministry in Japan, “Win Love Ministries”.

I ask that you pray for revival in Japan. Pray that we build up revival leaders according to God’s will. Pray that the Holy Spirit has His way in Japan. Pray that missionaries throughout the world come to support our teams. Pray for covering, strength, and wisdom. Pray that God opens doors with leaders in government and entertainment so they use their resources to bring awareness of the Gospel to their peers. We know that “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Glory to God in all things!

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