Ministry Woman Training

Ministry Woman Training

My name is Rebecca and I am receiving my ministry woman training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the United States and my heart is in women’s and children’s ministries. I first came to know the Lord when my marriage was on the brink of divorce. I wasn’t raised Christian, I didn’t know God, and my parents had both been divorced several times (twice from each other). My husband and I were both ready to file divorce papers and call it quits when our oldest son started asking us to take him to a church. It wasn’t hard for either of us to come to the decision to divorce after several years of struggling and having similar family backgrounds, neither of us knew what a healthy marriage with God in the center looked like.

With Easter approaching, our son became more insistent that we go to church. We found a local church and God touched our hearts so powerfully in that moment, that we walked out forever changed. Walls were broken down that stood for years. We were given hope, our love was restored to a point it had never been before, and the impossible became possible because of Jesus!

God has since led me to a mentorship which He continues to use to stretch and grow me. He has broken down my insecurities and has shown me who I am in Him. He has given me a vision of where He wants me to be. My dream is to become knowledgeable in the Bible and the history behind it so that I can further the Kingdom by working in women’s ministry. I want to mentor women to be women that are driven to grow the Kingdom of God and who grow more women to be on fire for God! I also want to be able to stand by women who are learning how to put God in the center of their families. I want to help them apply that to their marriages and children. I dream of helping women see past their insecurities and watching them as they begin to only care who they are in Christ.

I recognize the strong need for Jesus in my community, and God has given me a passion to spread the Gospel and build relationships with women and families to show His love. There are so many women struggling to find love and fulfillment in the wrong places, not realizing that Jesus is waiting to give them a love, peace, and joy that is far beyond anything they ever could have dreamed!

My church is supportive by offering opportunities and being open to new ideas. I find great support in knowing that we are being fed the true word of God and I can trust them to deliver the truth which is important not only for myself but for those who are new coming into the church.

It’s important for me to receive my ministry woman training degrees at Christian Leaders institute because I want to have all of the knowledge I can to know God personally and to help others know Him as well. I also have a fresh interest in the history of the Bible and of the world and am looking forward to my faith coming to a whole new light. I’ve wanted to start classes years ago, but it was never affordable. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn in an affordable way here at CLI!

I would appreciate prayer that I stay focused throughout my program and that I stay strong when Satin tries to change my course.

“The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” -Proverbs 18:15

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