Ministry Training Recommendation

Ministry Training Recommendation

Thousands of students have been taking free ministry training classes at Christian Leaders Institute. Read how Christian Leaders Institute is helping Peter Mahase as a Christian leader. In his testimony, Peter gives a beautiful ministry training recommendation for CLI:

I was born in Lesotho. That is where most of my development has been, both in terms of academic and professional work. I was born in 1987, and I am the last born among my three siblings.

From a young age, I always had a zeal for the things of God but never gave my life to Christ. My father is a pastor, so I got exposure to a number of things in the ministry, such as Christian literature. I only got saved in 2002 at the age of 15 as a result of a strong urge from God to come to Him and a sense of urgency to serve Him. I got saved and moved straight into serving the Lord in evangelism. Note that there was no discipleship: I carried all the knowledge I had from my early ages, from books, sermons etc, into the ministry, building on a weak foundation. I quickly led a revival in my high school at the time, which brought more than 30% of the school to Christ in a period of two years. That was my take-off into ministry.

I have always loved serving the Lord but never saw myself as a pastor until 2011, when the pastor who I was seconding at the varsity (National University of Lesotho) church I was in had to leave, and I had to take over. This is where my role as a church leader started. I have since been serving here, given the blessing of my church, the Apostolic Faith Mission church in Lesotho. My title is Assembly Leader, not Pastor until I am ordained.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics from the National University of Lesotho. Since I got my degree, I have worked for Econet Telecom Lesotho. By the time I left in 2016 to respond to the call of the Lord and focus on ministry, I was a Network Quality Management Engineer. Leaving was a tough decision for a man who just got married in 2015, but I had to obey, and my wife was in full support.

In 2017, I made a decision to step down from ministry until I am better equipped to handle the Word and leading in the church. This decision was confusing and hard to grasp, to me and everyone around me. I believe God really wanted to use me but saw that for the work to be done, I would need proper training, lest I continue building on a weak foundation. A very humbling move from God, I must say, but I took it. I stepped down from all my ministry activity, including my leadership in my church, speaking engagements, Christian events business and the like to get proper ministry training and mentoring.

That is where Christian Leaders Institute came in. It came in highly recommended by my mentor as a free yet high-quality Christian ministry education and now I offer a ministry training recommendation to CLI as well. Since I had left my job, I had no funds to get my education, and I had also stepped down from ministry, meaning there was no ministry support for me to pay for any tuition, hence CLI was very relevant to my situation.

One of the major challenges in my country at the moment is many people preaching “the gospel” without proper ministry training. This exposes people to incorrect doctrine and twisted theology, making them follow a false god of our imaginations, instead of the God of the Bible. This is the thing that God was calling me out of when he asked me to step down from ministry. That is why I give a ministry training recommendation to CLI for its sound doctrine and Biblical teaching. Since beginning my training with CLI, the picture of God is becoming clearer with more study of Scripture, not from human ideas. The Lord is teaching me to take charge of my life with him before I rush to teach other people. He is teaching me to pastor my family before I can pastor a church. It is amazing how the Bible interaction part of the Getting Started class fits into this. My prayer is that my involvement in ministry training through CLI will not only help me in my calling but would encourage others as well.

My vision is bringing scores of young people (in Lesotho and beyond) to Christ and to make them radical Christians in their spheres of influence. This is where my ministry focus actually is. I am excited to continue with this call as I continue to get training. It has been an encouragement to see many young people readily receive the message, and many actually go on to be effective ambassadors for Christ.

My request for prayer would that I may be faithful to the course and become an effective steward of the Lord’s calling. The young generation really needs Godly mentors, and I am intent on being one, by God’s grace.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.


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