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Ministry Training For The Called By God

Some of us are blessed being raised in a home where God is welcome. Others were not so fortunate. God calls those close to Him, those who know Him, those who surrender their life to be a vessel for Him. He will call those who have known Him all their life. He will call those who come to Him later in life. God knows each and every one of our hearts and calls whom He chooses to call.

But now that we’ve been called, what comes next? Where do we turn to? How do we establish what we are called to do?

Get trained! Ministry training not only opens up future doors, but truly equips you in ways to be a leader in God’s army. While we need a depth of understanding in the Word of God, future ministry leaders also need to be guided in grief, hospital visits, marriage ceremonies, and the variety of challenges you will face in ministry just to name a few. All of these things can be found covered at Christian Leaders Institute where not only is high quality ministry training provided for free, but also online. This benefits you as a student in ministry training, but more importantly benefits our God to leave no man or woman called left behind. If you have been called by God, you will not be found turned away by CLI.

Jerry O’Brian found ministry training beneficial for him in his life. Read his testimony below.

Ministry Training with Christian Leaders Institute

Hello, my name is Jerry O’Brian and I live in the United States with my wife and three kids. I was born in 1981 in a little town called Paintsville, Kentucky. From birth, my life has had many struggles. Upon birth, I was dead. The doctors could find no life in me, but thanks to God above, my father (also my mentor), who is an ordained Pentecostal Holiness minister, cried out to God to spare me, and God gave me life. Satan himself knew the impact that I could have through God’s ministry upon my very birth and tried to stop it, but God said “NO”.

Beyond most people that I know, I have been very blessed since I was raised in a home that gave complete reverence to God in His plan of salvation and a holy walk with God. My father worked hard as a mechanic to provide a home and food on the table for me and my five siblings. Times were tough and many times we had little. As I am older now, I realize that what we had in each other as a family, especially being together with God, was worth more than all the riches of the world. As a young lad, I became very active in my church life by playing various instruments in church as well as singing. Prayer and worship to God was a common practice with my whole family and I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t know how or who to pray to. As I began to grow up, my life with God began to grow as well. I began to be more active by openly testifying and taking part in the services at church. At one point in High School, I carried a Bible with me on top of my other school books and read it sometimes between class work. Having it with me and having my classmates see it also was a way for me to let my light shine without having to say a word.

Now I am out of high school and have a family of my own. I have recently finished my Associates degree in Business from college. But my real desire is to see God’s will done within His church and to preach his gospel to a lost and dying world. I remember as a teenager I would walk the back yard at home and I could hear the spirit within me preaching as I would walk. It was then I wondered if I too had been called into the ministry. However, I was unsure of myself. What if I failed? Was I good enough? These were many questions I had that hindered me from stepping out in faith and pursuing the calling in my life. I have allowed Satan to stop me for many years by making me feel like I am inadequate to do God’s will in my life. I have had many times that I failed God, but it is important to always try. No one is ever truly defeated until they quit trying.

I am so glad that I found Christian Leaders Institute. It’s a wonderful feeling to have somewhere you can get quality ministry training for free. I believe that the true calling in the ministry comes from God above, and no its not to make money, it’s to spread His word and save souls. Our payment as ministers is in the hereafter when we are able to be with Jesus and lay our crowns at his feet in gratitude for all of the wonderful things he has done for us. Being able to get this ministry training from the Christian Leaders Institute is a great way to start the ministry that God called me to do so very long ago.

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