ministry training for God's call

Hi, I’m Elijah Mana Khui Shing. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get further ministry training for God’s call.

I’m a dad to two boys and married to Anna. Right now, I’m a pastor at the Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. But my journey started in Myanmar. My dad, a pastor too, raised me in a Christian family.

My Story of Answering God’s Call

When I was young, we lived in a small town called Mindat in Myanmar. That’s when I learned about Jesus and decided to follow him. I used to travel with my dad to different villages, spreading the good news about Jesus. Seeing people’s lives change because of the message made me want to be a missionary like my dad.

After high school, I went to a Bible college in Yangon. But in my third year, I got sick with kidney problems. Doctors thought I wouldn’t make it. But through prayers from my family and church, I recovered miraculously. I felt God had a purpose for me, so I dedicated my life to serving him.

After college, I went to Malaysia to help Myanmarese refugees. I shared the gospel with them through meetings, giving out pamphlets, and knocking on doors. Seeing how God opened doors for me to share his message was amazing.

Ministry Training for God’s Call

My biggest dream is to know God better and help others find him. When I came to the USA, I wanted to attend Bible college, but money was tight. Then, a friend told me about the Christian Leader Institute online. It was an answer to my prayers. Through their classes, I’ve learned more about God and felt his love and grace. I’m grateful for this opportunity to get ministry training for God’s call. It will make me a better leader for my church and help me bring more people to God.

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