Ministry Training Encouragement

Ministry Training Encouragement

My name is Alfreda M. Buchanan-Pinkston and I am receiving ministry training encouragement at Christian Leaders Institue. I reside in the United States in New York. I am a born-again Christian, saved since I was 18 years of age. My godmother asked my mother if she could take my sisters and me to church with her. Well, the journey began there, and today I am praising God for what He has done for me.

My mother raised my siblings and me as devout Catholics. We were in church every Sunday morning with Mom. My foundation began there, and salvation followed afterward and flourished into something amazing. I attended a Catholic grade school and went on to a Catholic High School. I thank God for what He has given and instilled in me.

There has been a calling on my life but I was not aware of that. People would say to me when I tried to escape into the world and do my own thing, “This is not for you. God has a calling on your life.”

Presently, I am an associate minister. I preside and officiate over the services at our church. I have been at the church for over 10 years. I have taught Sunday School for the children and adult classes. I have taught Bible Study on Tuesday evenings when we did not have a pastor or teacher in place to do so. I am also the treasurer and a trustee of the church, overseeing the financial obligations of the church.

My ministry dream is to study and complete another degree in Crisis Counseling enhancing the studies I receive at Christian Leaders Institute in ministry training encouragement. I’m a people person and love being an encouragement to others in need. There are many hurting individuals in this world that do not have anywhere to go, anyone to talk to, or someone to listen to their story. It’s my time to do that.

I presently work with families to keep the children from going into foster care. I have been doing my job for 8 years. At times it gets hard, but one thing I know we are here to serve people, just as Jesus served. I have a great love to help people right where they are and to help them make changes in their lives and move forward.

I desire to share the information I receive and learn through Christian Leaders Institute, so that someone else may get the opportunity to study as well. Traditional colleges are expensive, and lots of people are not able to afford the cost of tuition out of pocket. I sew into this ministry once a month so that others will be able to participate in a free education and a chance for them to know if this is where the Lord is leading them.

Presently we are without a shepherd, so I have to be persistent and disciplined in obtaining my education. My family is aware of my goals and what my intentions are regarding my education. I am persistent in what I set my mind to do until completion.

A scholarship at CLI will enhance and give me more knowledge of God, the Bible, and ministry. I am eager to pursue this and to achieve my dreams. I thank God for everything He has done, is doing and going to continue to do. To God be all of the glory.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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