Ministry Training Boot Camp

Ministry Training Boot Camp

Hello! My name is Megan Kristine Flowers. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. I am excited to embark in my ministry training boot camp with Christian Leaders Institute. The Holy Spirit is faithful to give the revelation and understanding I need.

Youthful Faith and Struggles

As a young child, I authentically experienced God. I can remember being very little in my big brass bed and feeling scared because my Daddy was traveling for work. I remember being terrified that the plane he was on was going to crash, and praying to God that he returns home safely. From that moment, I began to literally ‘feel’ and hear God’s presence in my life. I would lie awake at night and feel spiritual rainfall all over me. I was so close to the Lord that it was tangible.

As I grew older, I grew further from God. I began to feel confused by liturgy and became more interested in worldly desires. By my late teens and early twenties, I had fallen completely away from the church. I lived submerged in the secular culture, drowning to be more precise. Sin crept in and overtook me.

New Birth

In my selfish wasteland, God blessed me with my first child. The light came pouring in, and I was pulled back to His calling. I returned to church the Sunday after we came home from the hospital. Realizing that I had been in hiding from the Lord, I sat in His presence.

I lived the next several years as a double agent in a spiritual war. I knew I was a child of God but fell into sinful behavior. Satan was relentless, but Jesus was more constant. I married, and I divorced. Like a ship with no course, I was sailing directly into treacherous storms ultimately saved by Grace every time. I can’t tell you the moment I was saved. As a child, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and he never let go. He continues to save me every day.

Middle Name of Faith

When my mother named us, she didn’t give us middle names. This lack always felt strange like something was missing. As a Catholic girl, I completed the Confirmation and accepted my faith. In doing so, I chose a Confirmation name, Kristine. I never really used it after that.

In the process of my sanctification, the Holy Spirit reminded me that the space that left in my name was filled fittingly by Kristine. Christ likewise filled the storms that ravaged my life and soul. So, as I close my eyes and reflect on what my spiritual dream is, I can see myself whole in His light. I, Megan-Kristine, walk hand in hand, as the sun is setting, with my King and my Savior Jesus through a never-ending, lush pasture.

Calling and Ministry Training Boot Camp

Since I was a child, I have heard my distinct calling to ministry. Recently, in prayer, I asked the Lord why Satan pursued me so vigorously, and why it was allowed. Why, if I was called into ministry, would I not have somehow escaped the torment? The Holy Spirit wrapped himself around me and said, “Because you are royalty, and you needed to become strong. You are in training to fight for my people. There will be many who doubt. I am preparing you.”

The obstacles that I have faced have been a training ground, a boot camp of sorts. In every instance, I have learned to fight less with my flesh and rely solely on Jesus, crying out in distress. I pray my ministry training boot camp at Christian Leaders Institute mirrors the life applications I embrace. I pray that the challenges build spiritual muscle and resolve.

“If I say, “I won’t mention Him or speak His name,” His message becomes a fire burning in my heart, shut up in my bones. I become tired of holding it in, and I cannot prevail.” Jeremiah 20:9

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