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A Burning Passion for Christ

Hello, I am Heber Villavicencio from Wauconda, IL, USA. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute. It is equipping me with ministry training for my ministry service.

I am currently a 911 dispatcher in a local municipality in the Chicago area. My wife and I have two young sons. We attend a local church in Chicago, IL called Bethel Chicago. My wife and I serve in the worship team, as well as teach the youth classes every Sunday.

My Journey

Born and raised in Guatemala in Central America, I came to the United States at an early age. I was really taken aback by the major differences in living conditions. At a very early age, however, I was passionate about attending church. I really liked the praise and worship and the indescribable feeling inside. It was not till later on that I understood the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit acted every time my seven-year-old self wanted to attend church. I wanted to be in God’s Kingdom at an early age. So, I asked the congregation if I could be baptized. It was not met well since I was still very young. However, even though it was not common in our church, they baptized me.

I lost my way in the things of the Lord while growing up as a young adult. Soon, I stopped connecting with people who would help me see the things of the Lord. I remember that I would often have a yearning feeling that I couldn’t ignore. A feeling that I felt when I was a six-year-old boy. Even though I was not in the things of the Lord, God always looked out for me. Even in the darkest times and places, God found me. I remember having a yearning that I couldn’t ignore. It caused a major shift in my life, and I accepted that I was God’s son. Even though the road has not been easy and there are times that it seems that I do not deserve His grace, He is always there.

New Direction: Ministry Training and Service

Now, therefore, I look forward to what the Lord has set on my path. Everyone has a unique journey and a unique relationship with God. As I grow in God’s ministry, I realize challenges will be ahead. With full-time work and being a father, many people already see that as enough work. However, God has called, and I want to answer His call. Having Christian Leaders Institute as a fundamental framework in my ministry training and service service will not only equip me with the proper ministry tools but will also help me share this with other believers in Christ.

CLI is a stepping stone to where God wants me to be for this season of my life. I look forward to the journey.

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