Ministry School Certification

Great Faith Network Dream

Greetings, my name is Imonibuebu Onoriode Lucky. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get ministry school certification.

I am an assistant pastor at Light of Salvation Christ Missions and live in a satellite town in Lagos state, Nigeria. My wife, Queen, has been a chorister in our church here going on two years now. We had our wedding at my church. Since then, I have desired to grow more in Christ and be a great leader to contribute to the decisions that bring about growth in the church.

Throughout my time at Lagos State Polytechnic, where I received my National Diploma in business studies, I periodically coordinated the school students’ fellowship. After my graduation, I continued the fellowship off campus. I named it Great Faith Network. However, I couldn’t continue after four years due to the financial downturn.

My Childhood

I was born again in 2004. Since then, the burden of my calling as a preacher of the gospel has been on my mind. I tried dodging my call through jobs. But, God pressed it upon me to surrender. I grew up in a family where traditional rituals are a service to Jesus Christ. They are good people who instilled some good morals into my childhood. However, as I grew up, I knew there was something more to my life. Yet, I never had an opportunity to identify what it was or how to go about it.

My Salvation

The year I was to travel to Lagos state from Delta state after my secondary school examination, I had a frightening dream. I saw a finger writing in the sky “The return of the son of God is close, repent!” There was great turbulence and fire in my spirit in that dream, and I repented.

After the dream, I began to learn more about God. I prayed but never knew the clear way to learn about God. However, after many of life’s challenges, as I relocated to Lagos, I found a church. There I built up my prayer life and was baptized. From then on, it has been God all the way!

My Ordination

My ordination as a pastor is a gift from God. After I dropped out of Omega Fire Ministries Bible College, I couldn’t complete my pastoral courses. It was due to my job loss and change of apartment. I couldn’t continue with my tuition obligation. I had no extra savings for any unforeseen circumstances. Apart from food expenses, my tuition, and sometimes my salary, I committed to hosting prayer programs and inviting ministers to preach. I felt led to give platforms to people to preach the gospel to save souls and was never bothered. It was a joy to me as it gave me the privilege to talk with and meet powerful men of God. It was through them that I came to know the Lord well. They encouraged me to grow in the knowledge of God and be dedicated to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

CLI Study and Ministry School Certification

My dream is to grow in God’s purpose and be an effective leader that will train many to be productive in the work of the gospel. Hopefully, I can restart Great Faith Network. With the online free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute, I hope to push forward in my goal with confidence.

Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to my prayer of having ministry school certification to back up my pastoral calling. With CLI, I can work through my ministry training while still maintaining my present job. My job has shift changes, which makes it hard, but CLI offers the flexibility I need for my schooling. Thanks, CLI! More grace and blessings to you!

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