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Ministry Courses for Free at CLI

My name is Ayobola Jesubamise Alabi, and I am taking ministry courses for free at CLI. I am 22 years old from the North-Central Region of Nigeria. I am a bachelor swallowed up by a seemingly, irresistible and unquenchable thirst for the preaching of the Good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, I am committed to the responsibility of raising up young men and women willing to consistently do the will of the Father.

Being a Christian leader has proved to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Most importantly, I seek to bless my immediate neighborhood. I live and minister in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State, Nigeria. There, I expounded the word of truth by His sufficient grace. Currently, I minister on the campus of my Polytechnic as a Prayer Coordinator. I will conclude my studies here by December 2020. It is a thing of joy to always hear people testify of God’s goodness in their lives via my ministrations and intercessions. God has been so faithful to me!

My Faith Journey

I was a church-boy since my childhood. I never missed a Sunday or midweek service because my parents were church people. My dad was a Choir Leader throughout my childhood at the E.C.W.A. Church. I joined the Boy’s Brigade at age seven and joined the Choir at age 13. Since then, I found real pleasure in the things of the Lord but never knew who the Lord really was. That lasted for about two more years, and I call it the years of blind service.

On December 23, 2013, I prayed a somewhat blind prayer as always, saying; “Oh Lord, call me.” That particular day, I was visited by the Lord Jesus, and He convicted me. He made me think deeper than I’ve ever done. I began to see the fruitlessness of my blind service to a God I did not have a relationship with at all. Then I realized that Christianity is not what we bear in our names or the number of times we attend church in a week. Right there, I dedicated my life to Jesus and accepted Him into my life. I struggled with addictions in my life for a time, but God saw me through.

A few months later in 2014, I met again one of my childhood friends who is now an ordained pastor in Nigeria. He exposed some of the basic mysteries of the scriptures to me. Eventually, he invited me to a small prayer group meeting on a hilltop in my city.  Sometime later, I began to hear God and receive prophetic utterances. Before I knew it, I began to break the bread of the word to my friends at school. People began to follow me, listening and obeying whatever instruction the Spirit gives them through me.

God’s Calling on My Life

The above situation was due to the discovery of God’s call upon my life. I related to mentors and teachers. By the time I was in SS2 at high school, I was made the Fellowship of Christian Students’ President. A great door of opportunity opened for me on the journey of my ministry call. Through this medium, I was able to raise fellow brothers and sisters who are still active in the faith today.

In 2015, I gained admission into The Federal Polytechnic Bida to study Civil Engineering. I engaged in radical and aggressive weekly evangelism. It’s radical because we started street evangelism at 10 pm and ended around 2 am. I prayed a prayer, saying; “Lord, as long as I continue to do your work, no unbeliever is permitted to have a grade point higher than mine!” The prayer was funny, but it worked tremendously. The only person, who had a higher grade point than mine got a transfer to another school after our first semester. It was an encouragement for me and my ministry. Then, I knew I couldn’t run away from the ministry calling.

Ministry Purpose and Ministry Courses for Free at CLI

In July 2017, I embarked on a three-day fasting program. I determined in my heart to hear the voice of the Lord concerning the exactness of His plans and purpose for my life and ministry. On the 6th of July, I heard His voice (like a reverb effect), immediately after a trance that lasted for about 30 minutes. I saw many things. I saw a lot of chaos and disarray upon the earth. When the trance concluded, God spoke to me, “I have made you a son of peace, a Prophet of Peace.” I am to preach the word of peace and deliver those who have been bound by this turbulent world of captivity.

My concentration for ministry multiplied and I gave myself fully to the ministry of the Word. I am thankful to be a privileged beneficiary of the benevolence of the Christian Leaders Institute to take ministry courses for free. CLI is a legacy! I invited my friends to join the movement at CLI. We will all become graduates one day!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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