Ministry Call Free Training

Ministry Call Free Training

My name is Clodomiro Ramirez and I am excited to receive my ministry call free training at CLI. I live in Patterson, New Jersey with my wife Betty and our two children Gabriella and Daniel. I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the USA at the age of 17. Before we moved, I grew up Catholic through my grandmother from my mother’s side who taught me about the things of God. I went to church and got the idea that I wanted to be a servant of the Lord. But in school, one of the students was a Christian and told me that I was going to a church that practiced idolatry. I was curious about that, so I went to a Christian church. But I did not have the support to continue.

After I came to the USA, I married my wife when I was 21 years old. My wife and I were having some problems. When she met a person who invited her to church, she told me about it, so we went there together. While we were there, a woman gave me a word and said that I had a calling on my life to be a pastor and a businessman. I received the Lord as my Savior that day. That is when things changed in our lives. However, after four years, I left the church and went into the world.

Renewed in Christ and Free Ministry Training at CLI

Thankfully, in 2017, the Lord gave me another chance to serve Him. So, I rededicated my life to Jesus. I am in a church in New York where my uncle Jose Ramires is the Pastor. Then, in 2018, I went to Mexico for the first time as a missionary. My Uncle and pastor told me to take classes online at Christian Leaders Institute to get ready for my calling I have. Through this ministry call free training at CLI, I plan to serve the Lord the best way I can. I am a truck driver, so I don’t have much time. But CLI will help me get ready to be a leader who helps others to reach the Lord through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for this ministry training opportunity and excited to be part of it.

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