Ministry Ambassador

Ministry Ambassador

Hello, I am Laura Stapleton-Narry. Born-again, faith-filled, married ministry ambassador for God. I thank God for Christian Leaders Institute. CLI truly represents Jesus’ teachings by, freely offering Biblical online training to everyone. As a disciple of Jesus and CLI, I strive to continue to walk in this same manner by offering my Biblical mentoring gifts to others freely. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas in America. I have been able to spend 8 years in missionary work and learning in Europe. A few years ago, I returned to America.

As the founder and CEO of “Laura’s Life Transformers, LLC”, I can continue to walk in the path that God has prepared for me. God’s calling on my life to teach, mentor, and counsel His children as well as to follow the Great Commission are what I do through my business daily. I plan to develop a mentor center in Pennsylvania for CLI with my Ordained Deacon Ministry.

By learning through studies at CLI, I know that God will use this education and experience to give me the tools I need to continue to strive for His goal and to achieve it. God has called me here for a reason, may I never lose sight of His purpose in and for my life. As God’s ministry ambassador and daughter, He has called me to be an apostle, teacher, disciple, and minister. I believe we are all called to be His disciples. I will run my race to the end, for Him.

May we all continue to pray for one another that we always allow God to direct us in words, thoughts, and deeds. Pray that I always stay close to Him and His Word and remain still daily to hear His voice and instructions before I go out to face the world. For I know that I can not face the world without first coming before the Father, listening to Him and being led by Him. May I be fully clothed in the Armor of God before I go out the door every day. Pray that I may see the world through His eyes and feel the people’s needs through His heart as I serve them by His hand. Thank you for your prayers, and I will be praying for you as well.

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