Ministering to the Elderly

Ministering to the Elderly

My name is Deborah Owens, a 45-year-old single mother, with one adult son who lives in a multi-generational home in Southern California. Praise God that my community is religion-friendly. Currently, at my Church, I like to serve between three teams as Usher, First Impressions Greeter and providing Administrative help in office during the week.

I came to know the Lord in my adult life when I went through many life trials. Being a single mother I searched, found and turned to Lord for his guidance and protection over my life. I felt lost and was unsure of my purpose and sought out a Savior who could restore me. I have survived divorce and healed, I had found my way when I was laid off from my job of 20 years with no notice and found a better job through Christ.

My dream for Ministry is to use my formal training from Christian Leaders Institute to mature myself in Christ, so I can be a real light in the world with the knowledge and the truth of the Bible.

I have a very tender heart for the aging in my community. Many people where I live simply are not aging and dying well. This weighs on me, and I feel called to get more involved with End of Life Care Ministry for support, encouragement, teachings and prayer. I plan to volunteer at my local hospital and in elder care facilities where I live. I am interested in Hospice, but there are no centers where I live at this point in time.

I am very humble and thankful to my local Church for their sermons, studies, and fellowship. They allow us as volunteers to choose areas of service where we feel called. We can explore, change and try new things as we mature and our calling changes. They have many care ministries in our community and have international ministries as well. There are many opportunities and need for help, so it is a great place to connect and get involved.

My Church and I share the same purpose and calling: To help people find and follow Jesus

Every day I am thankful for my scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute because I can’t afford to pursue other Bible College education because of my single income which limits my funds and choices. Currently, I am working two jobs to make ends meet. Christian Leaders Institute allows me to pursue my dreams of free formal Bible Education where I can use these resources to better serve my Lord and in my community helping others.

My prayer is for deepening my walk with Lord, learning to discern his will from my own. Anticipating where he may lead me and hoping it’s a place where others are searching for purpose and a Savior to restore them.

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