Ministering Journey

Ministering Journey

I’m Jeremia J. Pyuza and I am on a ministering journey. I was born in Marera village in Tanzania, East Africa. I was born into a Christian family which raised me up in a Christian perspective. I’m the firstborn among seven children of which five are alive and well and two are before the hands of God. My father died in June of 2011 after being sick for just a while.

Currently, we are living with our mother. I thank God our family is still in keeping up with a spirit of being in the Lord’s presence. The whole family is saved and all of us believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. I become a serious Jesus believer when I was in secondary school. Later on, I was elected as a leader among the youth at our school. My story kept growing especially when I was elected as Deputy Secretary for the youth Christian fellowship at the regional level of which I served for one year.

My story of being in love with God has been strong on my ministering journey. My passion to help others to know Jesus as the only true way to Heaven is the major determinant of who I am today. I have chosen to live the life of ministry despite the facts that I’m a medical laboratory scientist. I completed my bachelor degree in 2015 and currently am doing my Doctor of Medicine program at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University.

I love to serve as a youth leader. Through God’s given gift, I have been able to reach many people through my radio talks, my books, etc. I am expecting to reach more as I’m receiving training at Christian Leaders Institute. I’m teaching children at my local church and this is my third year. My local church has given me the authority to lead kids toward understanding the kingdom of God and I believe a scholarship from CLI will make this dream come true. With the changes in technology, I’m able to bring quality Bible education to the little ones and that is how I found CLI a began my high-quality formal online training.

Learning at CLI has been a very great pleasure as I’m now realizing my dream of becoming a minister on my ministering journey. I know that one of the best things to explore in the world is knowing the truth about my today and my future which is all available in the Word of God. I’m expecting more to come in terms of personal growth toward knowing God, my only Savior.

My ministry goal is to reach more youth and again to reach more souls while being involved in mentoring, leadership, management, laboratory scientist, and medical doctor professional work. I believe Jesus is going to help me attain what I’m supposed to because he is so faithful.

The big challenge in my life has been the absence of any real meaning of life when I fail to consider the presence of God, and for that reason, I feel compelled to be well attached to my Creator.

This ministry education at Christian Leaders Institue free of fees is a true gift for people who are in third world countries or lack resources and who desire to be Christian ministers with high qualifications and credentials.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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