Minister to Teen Mothers

My Call to Minister to Teen Mothers

My name is Amy Walker, and I minister to teen mothers. Currently, I live in Florida. Born in Pennsylvania, I have one older brother and one younger sister. I grew up in Pennsylvania and learned at a very young age about Jesus. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church. When I was a young child, my whole family walked forward in church one Sunday to be saved, baptized, and become members of the church.

Early Years

We moved quite a bit during my childhood. Friends were hard to make and were very few in my life. My parents both worked, so my grandparents raised us. Once my mother stopped working, she tried to become the authority figure in my life. However, to me, that was a position my grandmother held. I fought with my mother my entire life.

When I was 11, I began hanging out with older kids. I talked and acted like them. I started smoking and cussing. People would call me a problem child. I always snuck around and went with the wrong kids. They were more fun to hang out with than kids my age.

Trauma and Rebellion

When I turned 13, I found myself in a situation. My brother’s best friend from the Army raped me. It was brutal, and my mother blamed me for what happened. I was 13. How could that have been my fault? She told me that God didn’t love children who acted this way. Throughout my childhood, I heard that God loves all His children. So how could He not love me now?

We moved to Colorado shortly after to start a new life where no one knew what I had done. However, that didn’t last long. When I was a few months from turning 15, I became pregnant. I was told how horrible I looked to God and to stay in the house so no one would ever know. That didn’t work either. Everyone knew, and guess what, everyone seemed to accept it: everyone but my mother. I was a total disappointment to her.

By this point, I turned my back on God. I blamed him for how my mother treated me, and for all that had happened to me. By the age of 16, married with two kids, my family moved to Florida without me. They told me to lay in the bed I had made.


My husband and I and our two children lived with my mother-in-law. Then, I went back to school and got my High School diploma. I started nursing school next. My husband didn’t see the need to work. He wanted to play and have fun. So with the help of my mother-in-law, I worked two jobs while attending nursing school.

I had no idea that resentment was building in my husband towards me until one day when he came home and beat me. I was hospitalized for three months while I recovered. When I was released, my husband, of course, was sorry, and his mom got us our apartment. I came home to what I thought would be a blessing from God. I’m still unsure to this day. Within a few months of living on our own, the beatings started more frequently. He never beat the kids, only me.

The beatings went on for years, and my hatred toward God festered into an uncontrollable rage. I joined a satanic cult and quickly moved up through the ranks. I’m not proud of it, but I was an influential person for Satan at this point in my life. I became pregnant a couple of years later with my third child. Sixteen months later, I was found in an alley propped up against a building half dead. I had numerous broken bones, a collapsed lung, and brain swelling. I was far away from God at this point, and I thought for sure I was dead.

God Steps In

However, God walked in and brought my current husband, Ken. Ken found me in the alley and took me to the hospital. He came every day to check on me. He showed me kindness and love. That love was something I hadn’t seen or felt my entire life. We became friends through the months I spent in the hospital. The day came for me to be released, and sure enough, Ken was there. He took me home to his place, and we went after my kids. It took us 11 months to find them and get custody of them. A few months later, I was divorced and married to Ken. That was 27 years ago this year.

I rededicated my life to serve God and minister to teen mothers. My heart is for those that are locked away in pain and misery. I never turned to drugs, but I have seen many teenage moms that live for their next fix. I had to live the life I did to witness to those that are living that life now. Ken was sent by God to protect and love me. Together, we are fighting Satan daily. I know without a doubt that I am a child of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know first hand the power Satan has, but I also know God is bigger and more powerful.

Finding CLI for Knowledge and Insight

I’m taking these classes here at Christian Leaders Institute to continue to grow closer to God. I want to gain the knowledge required to witness more effectively and to go into the prisons to help those that think God left them. They need to know that God is waiting for them to come back to Him, not the other way around. God is gracious and kind!

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