minister ministry dreams

Minister Ministry Dreams

My name is Willie Alexander, and I have minister ministry dreams. I am from the United States. I grew up Southern Baptist. My hunger for God came later in life after I became diabetic in college. I was new to taking insulin and had many severe reactions with my blood sugar. After a near death experience, I became a believer. I came from a family that did not follow God, but I’m so blessed that He sought me before it was too late.

God molds me to be his servant. I want to be an example through the revival of my own personal life and ministry. Further, I hope to extend teachings and testimony to the church and expand to the whole world what faith has created in me. Another area of interest is to minister to those with a terminal illness.

This first class has strengthened me in my leadership skills and in the Word of God. I’m so thankful for Christian Leaders Institute offering free education. Now, I understand the Bible more and want to help others understand it, too.

I relate to the word Pastor the most. In many of my work positions, I’ve been a leader. Growing up playing football, I was considered the team leader. Therefore, even when I had illnesses and was hospitalized, I was the one to step out in front to help others. I guided them so they could be successful. That is my intention to do in the church as I help others to trust in the word of God.

The key experience that built the foundation for my ministry was receiving a kidney and pancreas transplant. I was healed. There were so many people that didn’t believe that God would heal me. I stayed faithful, knowing that He works on His own time. Without God, there is no hope to survive.

My main challenge is my below the knee amputation and weakened my immune system. So, I have chosen to make my presence known online. My local church connection is through online ministry and my family’s church in another state. They believe in what I am doing and are excited for what I can accomplish.

CLI made it possible for me to do something I always wanted to do. I can work toward my ministry dreams because CLI is online and, most importantly, free. Reaching ministry dreams should not be hindered by finances. Thank you, CLI!

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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