Minister Calling Journey

Minister Calling Journey

My name is Leonard McEachern and I am on a minister calling journey at Christian Leaders Institute It’s been a wonderful walk, I’ve been on mountains and experienced spiritual valleys, but God has continued to amaze me.

I reside in the Charlotte, NC area in the U.S. I’ve honestly felt a calling to evangelize and pastor and I am really excited to see the Lord’s path for my life. I really enjoy doors being opened that I never imagined would open, it’s only by God’s grace. I came to know the Lord through my father-in-law. He continually witnessed to me throughout my late teenage years. On November the 6th, 2006, after much perseverance from him witnessing to me, I finally realized my need for a Savior, I am nothing and Jesus is everything. I want to be a servant serving at the feet of Jesus,  for I am not worthy, but I thank God for His mercy, grace, and love.

My ministry dream is to be a youth pastor and then grow into a senior pastor role and preach the word. I have never felt this calling until now, I am almost 30. I find this interesting because Jesus began his ministry at 30. This class has been great and strengthened me by giving me proven applications of ministry to be more successful, such as growing in my own walk with God and using the mentor model for spiritual growth. I identify with evangelist and youth pastor and preacher. These areas are where I believe my calling is.

There have been times where I have experienced sorrow and people in tough situations, there is a yearning in my heart to help carry their burdens and pain. Dealing with homeless and lost individuals is honestly what has prompted me to pursue ministry. I have felt a true calling to preach and to proclaim God’s word.

There are not many challenges in my geographical location, only opportunities to reach the lost.
At this point my local church does not know my calling as of yet, I’ve only shared this calling with a few close confidants. This scholarship is so important to me because it will give me the opportunity to study and continue my normal day job. We’ll see where the Lord leads me, but I am really excited to embark on this journey. I was praying for the Lord to provide and open up the doors for an affordable school, I am happy the Lord lead me to Christian Leaders Institute.

Learn about ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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