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Even countries where the gospel has been preached for years can need revival. The enemy is never idle, but levels attacks at believers wherever they may be found. That’s why we need people to be mentoring leaders in the church wherever they may be found.

Hardley Musiega Sogoni is very aware of these attacks. He lives in Kenya, a nation that identifies mainly as Christians. But Hardley tells how many who identify as Christians in Kenya still engage in ancestor and idol worship. It is this continued practice of idol worship that inspires his goal of mentoring leaders in the Christian community. He sees the need for God’s people to stay away from the practices of paganism.

I was born in 1968 in Western Kenya to Kenyan mother (died 2009) and a Kenyan father (died 2003); leaving behind my 6 siblings who are all alive. As a teacher trainee in Shanzu Teachers College in Kenya, I got saved and surrendered my life to Christ Jesus as lord and savior. I completed my Primary Teachers Certificate Course in 1991 and got married in September 1996 to Ruth Ikuni Musiega. Since 1997, we are parents to Charity, Joy and Glory who are beautiful daughters.

In 2005 I was transferred to Western Kenya and hence, commissioned as a pioneer pastor in the rural areas of Kenya. That meant I had to really surrender my whole life for Christ (dying to myself and letting Him live in me). The local church experienced growth over time that necessitated more knowledge on mentorship, leadership and church planting.

Mentoring leaders is an important part of revival. Without revival leaders, revival movements fizzle out and die. Because of this, Hardley’s vision for revival in Kenya includes a primary goal of mentoring leaders in the church.

My ministry goal is to Mentor many Christian leaders in Kenya and expand God’s kingdom by training local men and women and then send them to go to the unreached area of our nation. I want to give up everything for God just as Jesus did and to inspire others to do the same. My dream is to live my life like Jesus (after all I should be dead and only Christ is living in me). I want to be dead to sin, dead to worldly ambition, and live as if Jesus is the one doing the living in me and live only for His kingdom and sharing His love to everyone. One of my dreams also is to provide bible education to everyone for free (bible colleges in every town & city in Western Kenya).

I have read and re-read the bible but I feel there are plenty of things that I do not understand and when on mission ground in Kenya I would not want to under teach the word of God. Getting a scholarship with CLI would help me tremendously and will be a great building block for further studies.

Mentoring leaders is important in Kenya because many professing Christians are still engaging in ancient forms of idolatry and witchcraft.

Currently I live in Kenya but where I do Bi-vocational full time ministry. I have great trust to start ministry by 2020 as about 80% of the people in Western Kenya call themselves Christians but majority of the country men are yet to touched by the true gospel. Most believers still practice ancestral worshiping and witchcraft. These are the people that God has laid in my heart.

The main dream we (my wife and I) have is to reach the unreached people of Kenya but also we would love to be used by God to bring unity among the various churches in Kenya. Moreover, we would like to show the caring and love of Christ through helping kids who are orphans and bring bible education to anyone who are interested for free.

Due to financial challenges, I can’t really attend an on campus bible education program so the fact that CLI is an online bible college makes it possible for me to have a good quality bible education. The fact that CLI is bible based training institution is a bonus for me as it mean that I can spend less time on my study but still get the same vital information highly needed for ministry work. The teachings I will receive will assist me know more about God’s word and to understand it and how to pass it on to others, so I really appreciate that CLI is a donation based education.

Kindly intercede for us that the desire God has placed in our heart will grow and that in our future ministry, we will always seek to glorify our heavenly Father and that we will not seek our own gain.

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