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Hello, I am Jason Fisher. Married to my beautiful wife of 20 years, we have six amazing children and one granddaughter that lights up a room with her smile. I am also studying at the Christian Leaders Institute. The marriage ministry education and Bible training at CLI are what I need for my calling from God.

Being born in Texas, I was a Christian from birth, or at least that’s what I thought. My spiritual journey was very lukewarm as a kid and carried over as an adult. Going to church and bragging about being there was good enough for me. I drank, but at least I went to church. Although I lusted, at least I went to church. I turned my vehicles into idols, but at least I went to church.

The Cleansing

I call it the cleansing because the Bible says that fire represents God’s purification and cleansing. I was a selfish man that only focused on my pleasures. A drunkard, I wasn’t happy until I had a beer in my hand. Very prideful, I lived a fake life.

Furthermore, I made some decisions that almost cost me my family. They moved eight hours away, and I was alone. Two months later, they came back. My wife and I began to work on restoring our marriage. A month after that, our lives changed forever. The house we built, our forever home, burned to the ground.

As I tried to fix everything I messed up, God showed me that He was the one to repair my brokenness. As I walked through the house, I saw crosses untouched by the fire. I saw Bibles untouched by the flames. I went to my closet where my guns and ammo were stored and saw my dad’s Bible still intact next to a melted ammo can. Why did God let this happen? Why was my family being punished for my sins?

The Understanding

My family and I were living in a travel trailer set in front of our burned down home. Still hanging onto my sins and clinging to the fact that, “I got this,” God showed me again that I did not. I still fought with God, still lied to my wife, and our family went through a separation and a house fire. Then, my wife’s brother passed away at 35 years old, and my wife needed emergency surgery. When I finally submitted, it was not willingly as someone would break a stubborn donkey. “Give it to God” was always thrown around like a catch phrase. However, when I gave it to God, things changed. God had to break me to get me to understand. I am thankful for my trials and for what God took me through.

Marriage Ministry Education

Since then, God called my wife and I to marriage ministry. Even though I never thought I would be called to marriage ministry, God called us. Because of my trials and the fire, we can help others learn from our mistakes. I had men at work reach out to me and ask for guidance because they knew the storms I survived. My wife and I also work with a local church on helping restore marriages. It is through God we are able to help. God is using our story to help others.

The marriage ministry education offered at the Christian Leaders Institute is what I need to be equipped to minister. I am excited to see where God leads us as we follow and serve Him in this ministry!

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