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I was born into a so-called Christian family on the 1st of February in 1968 in Ado – Ekiti State, Nigeria. (Name withheld)

I gave my life to Christ in October 1988 and for the first time bought a HOLY BIBLE. I was taught the importance of walking with God, learned about being born again, being filled with the Holy Spirit,  the importance of living a holy life and about SANCTIFICATION.

There in the university, I walked with the children of God.  The urge was on me to become more significant in the things of God and to become a local Christian Leader in my community. Since then, God has worked in my life greatly. New messages, new dreams, and new visions of the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness started flowing into my life in a new dimension I had never experienced with my parents and our old church.

I came to the Gambia, West Africa in 1996. I thank God that the urge to go in the ways of God increased and the urge to progress in showing the light of the Gospel to the lost souls has been my greatest dream and mission all the time.

This has led me into personal evangelism to unbelievers and a caring ministry to the children of God and my church. This is a testimony to glorify the name of the Lord. In all, the gifts of God called salvation and peace in the Holy Spirit should not be covered up.

Given this and what our LORD JESUS commanded that we should let our light shine, we should preach the words of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I saw the need for more seminary course instructions and acquiring more knowledge on how to be more effective and efficient as a local Christian leader for the LORD!  I desire to become more versatile in ‘’HIS WORDS‘’ and move more into the business of winning souls unto our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

This urged me to search and discovered the CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE in the year 2012 where I was significantly exposed to the Lord’s words and powerful Christian leadership training and sound Christian education that has changed and shaped my entire work as a teacher in my church. This year marks my 3rd year at the Institute, and I completed 69 credit hours with ten awards – the last one – ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN MINISTRY. All these awards were awarded to me free of charge. I did not pay one cent.

By the Grace of God, the CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE has done great and marvelous things in my life as a local Christian Leader in this country. I knew nothing about the ministry when I started. I have been trained and taught many things. I have been exposed to life and eternity through Jesus Christ. I Have been taught the rudiments of salvation, evangelism, the meaning of doctrine, how to construct and prepare a good sermon, the meaning of marriage, pastoral care, Christian counseling, holiness, sanctification and the importance of the Holy Spirit in a Christian life.

I thank God and CLI for the three years of training which ends with ordination as a Pastor/Evangelist. The Christian education and leadership education I have acquired from this noble institute has been helping me greatly as a teacher in my church. I am also having new visions and dreams on where God is leading me. The training has increased my ability and confidence in teaching and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to my Muslim friends in the Gambia.

I am expected to be ordained my local church.. All to the glory of God and the grace God has given to me through my wonderful, marvelous and the best FREE SEMINARY WITH SOUND CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP EDUCATION in the world, CLI.

The Gambia is dominated by Muslims. We Christians have a lot of challenges here. Before my training from CLI, I did not have any urge to evangelize. This seminary has been an eye opener and has enabled me to see the great opportunity God has given us to win souls for him. I am praying every day that the Lord would give me strength and more ability to lead more Muslims to Christ.

My local church has been very cooperative. The pastors and mentors gave me the opportunity to practice what I learned in CLI.  Every Sunday, I am given the opportunity to teach. I have been given chances to teach the whole church in our Bible studies several times.

My church and these local Christian leaders have made the church a great preparation ground.  With them, I have gained the confidence and boldness to talk to large crowds. I have gained the ability to lead prayers. I thank God for the great opportunity this church has given me to develop my spiritual competence and capabilities.

Please pray for us that God should raise a great revival in the Gambia. We need revival. Christians need to wake up and tell these unbelievers that Jesus is the Saviour and our Lord. There is the need to save souls from hell.

I am grateful to all my professors, especially Professor Henry Reyenga, our able President, Professor David Feddes – my never tired Provost, and Professor Steve Elzinga and wife who personally visited me and other students with prayers and book gifts in the Gambia in 2014 .


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