Licensed Wedding Officiant

Are you interested in being trained and licensed to legally officiate weddings?

Christian Leaders Institute has a program that may fit you. Thousands have become clergy and have been posted on the Global Clergy Directory at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the Getting started Scholarship Class/Activity at Christian Leaders Institute.  This takes less than two hours and grants you a study scholarship.

Step Two -Complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course (1 Credit)

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant class teaches you the best Christian wedding officiant practices. This course may take you 15-20 hours to complete.

Step Three – Complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class (0 Credits) 

You must receive one recommendation from someone in your life that you are a person of Christian character.

After you complete all the class activities, you will be licensed to officiate a wedding with the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will be considered a licensed clergy member and appear in the global clergy directory.

You may also purchase a clergy recognition kit.


Richard Doolan’s Story

My name is Richard Doolan, USA, and I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to become a licensed wedding officiant (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I was raised in a religious family but had no relationship with Jesus Christ. When I left my boyhood home, I walked away from the church and wandered spiritually. I always had a belief in God, though I did not know the Bible. It was never anything anyone read in our home.

After my wife and I married, we waited 6 years to have kids. We both (miraculously) came together one day with the desire to go back to church. However, we did not just go back but wanted to learn, read, and study the Bible. Knowing no other church but what we grew up in, we searched for Bible studies in those churches. But, we could find none.

A year or so went by when, by God’s grace, my wife’s cousin came back home from the west coast for a short time. She began attending the church we have now attended for 27-28 years. Then, she invited my wife, who went with her several times before I began to attend. Feeling the power and love of God in that church for probably the first time in my life, I gave my life to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in 1983. My wife followed shortly after that.

Study at CLI to Become a Licensed Wedding Officiant

As I said, I have been a Christian for 27-28 years. Over this time, my wife and I have walked with the Lord in various ministries at our local church. I am currently a Deacon there, teach Sunday school, a prison Bible study (which will continue when Covid-19 restrictions relax again), and currently lead a men’s virtual Bible study.

My niece, who we are very close to even though she lives 1100 miles away, has asked me to officiate her wedding in June. I believe God has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute to become a licensed wedding officiant. I don’t know where God will lead me regarding CLI after this, but as in all things, I am open to His leading and direction.