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My Christian Leader Journey

My name is Krista Ballard. I am on a Christian leader journey at CLI. I am from Pennsylvania in the USA. To be a Christian leader where I live means a lot of encouragement and boldness and support. Being a Christian leader is having the confidence to be a voice in your community against all odds. There are everyday struggles or the intensity of different failures that take place in different neighborhoods. So as a Christian leader, it is important and gratifying to be different in action and staying strong for Christ.

I was raised in a Baptist Church. I enjoyed Sunday school, participating in plays, and being in the choir at my church. I also was a military child. I got to move around a little bit and experience different cultures and different church settings, like Pentecostal churches, big megachurches, and little up and coming churches where there are just a few people.

I came to know the Lord as a child. I had lots of family members and cousins who attended church with me and it was exciting and fun. I’ve always wanted to be a Bible teacher because I had a very good Head Start Bible teacher who was a teacher at the elementary school and a Bible study teacher for pre-k students at the church. She made it fun and exciting when we thought it would be very boring. That’s one thing that made me change my mind as a little girl to bring joy to people’s lives through God’s stories.

My spiritual dream is to counsel people and give them guidance into having a better life through God’s ways. I would also like to provide an excellent food service by feeding the people and families with food, with Godly counsel, and through good health. Overall, I want to teach them the Word of God and to share the knowledge of God. I want to help encourage others and to help lift up others from struggling relationships, abuse, injustice, and negligence. God has placed me in some strange situations to see things His way instead of seeing things my way. I was even forced to be homeless, and within that, I’ve seen things completely different in my spiritual life.

I am thankful to have found Christian Leaders Institute for this ministry training for becoming a Christian leader.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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