Leader Education

Leader Education

Hello, my name is Kim Renee Igo and I am receiving ministry leader education at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Westville, Oklahoma. I am a teacher at Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch in Morrow, Arkansas. And I want to further my education in English and in Counseling. I teach boys that are fourteen to eighteen years old. We have a structured school setting where I help the students with their school work. We also have Chapels that are focused on teaching them the truth of the Word of God. These boys are coming out of life-controlling addictions. Through my leader education, I want to become better equipped for helping them out of their deceptions and addictions. I have five children and most of them are grown and have children of their own. I have one that is still at home, and he is fifteen years old.

I am the Director of Operations of a non-profit called Grace Place which is in Lincoln, Arkansas. It is a place where people can come to get help with groceries, clothes, and household items. I help lead this non-profit. It is very rewarding even though it does not pay materially.

I am actively involved with the Assembly of God Church also located in Lincoln, Arkansas. I help with Worship on Sundays by singing and playing the piano. We have a discipleship class where we teach new believers from the Word of God on Sunday mornings.

I am growing in my knowledge of the Lord through these classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am hoping with my ministry leader education through Christian Leaders Institute to help others out of the darkness and into the wonderful light of the Lord.

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