Japan Ministry Training

Japan Ministry Training

Japan ministry training is available in English online and free. This Japan ministry training is available for those who enroll and finish the getting started class. Enroll now. The class covers Christian Basics and locks in a scholarship into Christian Leaders Institute.

My name is Susan Cornelius, I am a missionary and live in Shimonoseki, Japan. I am taking the Japan ministry training offered. My home is on the main island of Honshu at the southwestern end. I was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. My father was a Pastor of a country church. I grew up in a loving, safe home. We went to church three times a week, to revivals, and to camp meetings. In my teen years I rebelled, it is a sad thing to admit, but true. I left home while still a teenager and married young, to an unbeliever. My parents were heartbroken but they prayed!! Praise God for His promise in Proverbs 22:6. My husband and I were saved after making a disaster of our lives and marriage.

I felt called to missions for years, but my husband did not, so we stayed in the states. We attended church, had three children and lived a somewhat normal American life. I constantly talked to my children of the world’s needs and missions. Dr. Dobson had a show that said, “Young families should have a plan just in case a husband/father dies.” I assured my children not to worry, I had a plan, if this happened to us we would hit the mission field. So they grew up with a keen sense of my passion for world missions.

Fast forward: My husband did not die but I started to do short term mission trips. I went with our son’s class to Central America, then I taught Conversational English in South Korea, in 2007 and 2008, for a month at a time. I was overwhelmed with a burning desire to serve abroad. Again my husband didn’t share my passion, but he was ok with me going. He wanted to find a way to help here in the states, so we did for about a year, we worked in a Christian ministry with troubled teen girls. It was after that he said yes, he would try out foreign missions.

We taught in Korea for about six months, then God opened the door for us to go to Japan. We teach Conversational English to reach people with the gospel. Our 22 year old daughter has also joined us and works with preschool students for the same purpose. I need more formal Bible training, so want to take the courses offered, thank you for making that possible. It is so exciting we can enroll in this Japan ministry training through the Internet.