Italian Ministry Journey

Italian Ministry Journey

I am from Benin City, Nigeria. I am currently living in Italy and am on an Italian ministry journey. l was born and brought up in a non-Christian family. I am an only child of my mum and my dad. My mother re-married and had five other children. My dad was a polygamist with three wives and numerous children. He passed away 21 years ago.

My stepfather and the family did not make things easy for me. Though my mother tried her best to make me happy, I hated my mother for not bringing me up with my father and I hated my father for not keeping my mother with him. I thought none of them loved me.

At 11 years old, I was living like a slave with a relative and I started worshipping other gods. After much of this, I went back to stay with my mother until I lost my dad. Then I decided to go far from my mother, and that is how I came to Italy. I came to know God, and until 2006 I was attending Italian church, but even in Nigeria, I was just a churchgoer.

That unforgettable day the Master touched me, I don’t know what happened. I found myself crying, a cry of repentance, and I told God, “From today I want to serve you and I don’t care what it costs me.” That same day I give my life to God. On that fateful day, I started my walk with God. I am hungry for Him, I am living my life for Him, and I have the fear of God in me. Nothing in the world matters to me anymore except the things of God. I know Jesus as my first love and my best friend.

There is this burden on me to reach the Italian people because I see that they don’t know God. So I decided to stay here to reach them on my Italian ministry journey. I also desire to reach the whole world with the word of God.

God has been faithful to me. I married seven years ago and I have two kids. I am doing the work of God in the city I moved to after marriage and, to the glory of God, I am leading a small prayer group. However, I am not satisfied with what I am doing for God. I want to do more and I want to know Him more. That is what led me to search where I can get more ministry training, and thank God I am here in Christian Leaders Institute. I believe that at CLI I can get more knowledge of God to reach people with.

Please pray for me to fulfill the purpose God sent me, and for God to give me the strength that I need as He uses me greatly for His glory. That is all I am living for.

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