Increasing Knowledge

Increasing Knowledge with Free Ministry Training at CLI

My name is Charles Sumbwe, and I am increasing knowledge through my studies at CLI. I am from Zambia, but I have lived in Tanzania since mid-2006. After I arrived in Tanzania, I joined a church that immediately engaged my wife and me in family ministry. Later we also got involved in the leadership of the international community members group in our church. Tanzania has a very robust Christian community, especially in urban centers. The rural areas are a different story altogether with a strong Islamic influence. So there is a lot of mission work into the unreached areas, and the church we belong to does quite a lot of this.

Introduced to CLI by My Pastor

I have had the excellent opportunity of being invited to minister in some churches around Tanzania and back home. Indeed, I felt that I needed formal ministry training for increasing knowledge and skills in my ministry. That was why I decided to join the Christian Leaders Institute. I was introduced by a friend (a pastor) who happened to have also begun his ministerial journey at CLI.

By the time I joined CLI, I had been involved in family ministry for some time. The Scripture Union trained me in Zambia. However, I realized that to be more productive, I needed to hone my skills. I also needed more intensive training to help me grow in my relationship with the Lord.

Led to the Lord by My Wife

What made me realize that I needed God in my life was watching how my wife’s life transformed before my eyes after she was saved. She prayed for me continually until I knew it was the way to go. I am happy to say that I was led to the Lord by my wife. We have since served together, and with this ministry training at CLI, I am sure I will be even more effective.

CLI training makes it possible for me, even with a busy business schedule to focus on increasing knowledge for ministry and growing in my faith.

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