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“Deep down I knew that this was not my path. I have always loved to help those that need it the most. From teaching to preaching to those that are in need. Those that are lost. I feel that I am being led to take Hospice Ministry training. A few weeks ago I broke down crying in prayer begging God to help me find a way to get out of my awful job and find a way to minister. A few day later I was fired and I found Christian Leaders Institute. I certainly can’t afford school right now, I’m not even sure how we are going to live, but I know I can pursue God’s will and He will provide.”      – Kristin Lozano, student of CLI

Hospice Ministry Training- Growing In Faith

My name is Kristin Lozano and I reside in The United States with my husband Aaron and 3 young children. Christianity has always been a part of my life, the church that I was raised in, I was married in and all of my children were baptized in. I can’t say I never stepped away from my faith, I hit my teen years, went away to school, took a career in the service industry, it all sucked out my time and faith.

I still struggle with my career choice, working in service means working weekends, holidays and no set hours making it difficult to ensure a weekly Sunday morning trip to church. I had completely lost my connection with God. I knew I wanted it, but I lost it. Then I got pregnant with my last child, my son, I already had two children, girls but we really wanted the boy. Six weeks into my pregnancy my umbilical cord became separated and we could have possibly lost him. I was put on bed rest. For the first time in six years, I was not working. I only left the house to go to church on Sundays. After he was born I stayed home for a year. I continued attending church. I was nominated to become a Deacon and was ordained as a Deacon. I loved going and visiting those who couldn’t attend sharing and sharing the word. I would bring the kids. It was good for them and it always made the shut in happy.

Then I had to go back to work, financially we could not sustain ourselves. I continued to Deacon and remain active in the church because I went back to work in a reduced capacity, but that was not able to last long. After two years I am back where I started. I had to find another church that offered services on alternative days so that my children and I can attend when possible.

My husband and children are supporting my studies. Through the teachings, we are growing in our faith. We are learning more and more that church is not just about “Sunday’s” but our daily walk with God. My children and I are praying and reading from the kids bible at night and having discussions before bed now. For the short time I have been in CLI’s hospice ministry training, I feel like I have grown a great deal in my walk and it feels great.

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