Homeless Ministry

Homeless Ministry Dream

My name is Tim Cromwell, and I have a homeless ministry dream. As an American, I thought being born in a country that is one nation under God gave me a head start as far as being close to God. In fact, when I was preschool age, I had nice chats with Him often and I felt His presence.

When I entered the public school system, I discovered all was not right with the world, this country, and apparently the church. Yes, I had my first crisis of faith in first grade. As I listened to the Pastor and Sunday school teachers, I learned of the two coexisting kingdoms, co-existing as far as time and space, but diametrically opposed to each other in every other way. A few years later at the age of ten, I accepted Christ, I knew what I had done and was quite serious about it. But I didn’t understand the reality of accepting Him as Lord as well as savior. That understanding came much later after struggles and some time in the wilderness.

Though my homeless ministry dream is not concrete in my mind as of yet, I feel a burden for the people living on the street. My eyes and heart tell me the efforts of governments and many churches are not enough. Aid programs do not help, I have experienced this firsthand. Modern medicine has not saved these people nor has psychology and its various offshoots. More laws and more enforcement have not eased the burden of these people. In the case of the city I grew up in, they just spread the problem all over the city. My heart tells me they need what Jesus offers them: healing, wholeness, and then restoration.

Free Ministry Training

This class has shown me who I am in Christ and in my family, it has shown me that being called to ministry is not necessarily a call to the pulpit, it can be performed anywhere, and so can my service to God directly whether in quiet prayer, loud praise, intense worship, or simply sitting in His presence being renewed in complete silence and stillness of heart and mind.

The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry was a dream. It was vivid, I can still see it, though I denied its’ authenticity and put it behind me for half my life. However, it never let go. Now, I believe I am being prepared for whatever ministry I am to undertake. I do not believe my discovery of the Christian Leaders Institute was an accident but a leading of God. How could I not be prompted by that?

The challenges in my geographic area are cultural and religious which are common to most areas. My family has been very supportive of my calling. My mother-in-law told me she was waiting for the day I called her and said I was a pastor.

This free ministry training is important because I cannot afford an education in ministry, especially a quality education like the one I am receiving from CLI. This training not only teaches me how but why and which way is the best. Thank you.

Discover how you can be ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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