I currently reside in the United States of America. In this country, it is more acceptable to minister Christianity than any other religion. However, I feel with lax rules of morality it has become more of a challenge to witness, testify and disciple. I came to know the Lord after many years of not knowing if He was real. However at the age of 18 I had a miraculous healing experience that left NO doubt that He was real and ALIVE.

My ministry dream is that God leads me through a path that will grow me closer to Him by guiding me through my calling to (1) Disciple to married women/couples and counseling them on what the Bible has confirmed is our natural and spiritual purpose. And (2) Doing his will/mission to care for those who are lost or can’t care for themselves, I identify closely as a small group leader. By planting seeds, and when led, watering seeds to help them flourish.

God has brought me through many obstacles and trials where His goodness was shown to me. Through these tests, it became quite evident that marriage is a ministry. I truly believe that God is working on me to help strength the marriage of others; through the use of biblically based principles. I thank God for my husband’s support in my efforts. His words of wisdom and encouragement are so beneficial. I also thank God for the understanding nature of my husband and our three little girls when mommy has to prepare for a lesson or leave to go, disciple. The scholarship is so important to my ministry dream because without it, financially, I would not be able to receive the education I feel necessary to disciple and teach others; I desire the knowledge and the credibility. Please pray that all of the words that come from my lips to couch others come from God. That I stay humble through successes and steadfast/prayerful through trials. Thank you all so much for the work that you have done to bring the knowledge of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit to the world through the training up of Revival Leaders.

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