Guidance and Credential Panel

At the Christian Leaders Institute Guidance and Credential Panel, you access to Christian Leaders Institute Classes and Awards, Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination roles, Christian Leaders College collegiate credentials and Ignite Restoration Awards.

After you enroll to study, you will enter our Moodle Campus.  Moodle is a world-recognized learning management system. Christian Leaders Institute has used Moodle since 2006.

In the Moodle Campus, you will get your own personalized Guidance and Award Panel.  Your Guidance and Credential Panel will be your guidance counselor and your award recognition tracker.

Your “Guidance Counselor”

In the past, students made an appointment with a “guidance counselor” to help them choose classes and enroll in those classes. At Christian Leaders Institute, those functions are easily done at your Guidance and Credential Panel found on the Moodle Campus. You will just click around on that Panel, and that Panel will show you what classes you need to take to earn specific awards. Then you can just click on required classes (which are linked) and enroll in them as needed.

Your Credential Recognition

In the past, Graduation Awards were passed out at rare graduation events. At Christian Leaders Institute, the award icon lights up when you complete a course of study. These awards are unofficial. We are not allowed by our accrediting institutions to allow these awards to be official. If you desire an official award, you are welcome to purchase one.

TheGuidance and Credential Panel will be with you for your entire stay at Christian Leaders Institute. You will get your first award icon lit up when you finish the Getting Started Class. You will receive our Scholar award.

There are different tracks at CLI. This Guidance and Credential Panel will help you until you are a cherished alumnus.