My name is Ann Trojan, and I live in New York State, USA. Because of our Veterans who have fought, and continue to fight, we are free to minister in our country.
I was raised Catholic and discontinued attending church many years ago. My husband was raised Baptist, and we attended church occasionally. We felt as though something was missing in our marriage and our daily lives. In early February of this year, my husband suggested we attend Love City Church in our hometown. I learned so much that day and gave myself to the Lord a couple of weeks later. I was baptised the following month!
In April, Our Heavenly Father called me to teach. While He hasn’t yet shown me in what capacity I will be teaching, I know in my heart of hearts that that is what He has chosen me to.
As a music teacher, I immediately identify with Pastor/Teacher. As I continue to learn from CLI and my pastors, I have a deep down desire to spread the truth; The Word. I am ministering, in the simplest of ways, to friends now who desire to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.
From the very moment I was baptised, I clearly remember feeling the Holy Spirit alive within me. Many of the witnesses told me I was glowing. The day is one that will forever be stuck in my mind and is the day I began to walk in God’s grace.
I live in an area of New York State that is poverty stricken and one where some have labelled our Church as a “cult”. When I tell people that I no longer practice Catholicism and have been baptised as a Christian, I receive some questioning looks. I explain to them the reasons behind my decision and the difference between Catholicism and being a Christian. Whether they are open to receive the Truth or not, I choose to love them.
There is now a Bible college at my church. When it began, my Pastors suggested I enrol. I informed them that I had already begun classes through CLI and they were thrilled that I had begun my ministry training. One of the Pastors is my mentor, and she invited me to audit the classes through our Church. She is very supportive and has guided me through some of the trials in my life. Many members of the Church are also aware that I am enrolled at CLI and inquire how my class(es) are going. Our Church is a very large family; a family who loves and supports each other either through casual conversation or prayer.
A scholarship to CLI will help me continue God’s calling for me. At the age of 44, I am still paying off college loans for my teaching degree and administrative degree. Therefore, it would be near impossible for me to pursue my calling in ministry.
I ask that you pray that God bestows on me the gifts of continued unwavering faith and knowledge, a committed walk with Him and continual support of my husband and few close friends. I ask that you pray for my Pastors and bless them with all that God has to bestow upon them.
Eph. 2:8 For by grace we are saved through faith; and that is not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.

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