God had a Plan

God had a Plan

Even in the darkest of beginning, this CLI student knew God had a plan for her life. As she went from foster home to foster home she came to know God could give her a true home.

Read her story below:

My first memory was walking around an apartment following my older sister and looking out of a window that I could hardly reach the ledge on. I remember how blue the sky was and how white the clouds appeared. Not long after that, I was told my sister and I were found in an abandoned building on the West side of Chicago. One of the toughest areas of Chicago. I was almost two years old and my sister was almost three years old. By the time I was five I had been in four foster homes but we did find a permanency. My life there was filled with rejection, hatred, abuse physically and mentally and neglect. However, God had a plan.

I am a married mother of two girls who love the Lord. Taking classes at CLI is my first step in answering the call of servitude and ministry God placed on my life even as a child. I’m excited about the revival of the people in my community. I plan to use my training at CLI to further my knowledge as a Minister. My heart’s passion is to minister to the youth and enlighten them on who they are in Christ. I want to go into the streets of Chicago and lend a helping hand to the lost and be a beacon of light in some vastly dark places in Chicago. I can remember how it felt as a child not having anyone you can depend on but God put a neighbor in my life who took my sister and me to church every Sunday.

I felt the spirit of God in my life at an early age. I was eleven years old when I sang my first solo in church and I was really feeling down about the way things were going at home but as I began to sing praises unto God I felt a warmth come all over me. I began to have a peace that I couldn’t even explain. My neighbor was that vessel that beacon of light for me that showed me the love of Jesus. I want to be that same light for the youth in my community who have been abused, neglected, forgotten and burden down. I want the word of God to be a healing and deliverance to them and I pray that God will use me to do just that.

Having a scholarship from CLI will allow me to gain the tools I need to become a respected member of ministry and minister to the hearts of God’s people. The scholarship will allow me to be able to work and study so that I can answer the call God has on my life and be a help to the youth in my community.

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