Southern California Man Pursues Lifelong Calling To Ministry

Ministry training is greatly needed and God has called everyone to become Ministers and Christian leaders. These called Christians come from all over the world and many are finding ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. One of those called leaders is Bob Lomas whose ministry training to present has been through his faithful walk and challenging life experiences. Here is Christian Leaders Institute: Christian Basics graduate Bob Lomas’ story:

My name is Bob Lomas. I am 51 years young, happily married to my amazing wife Michelle for 30 years, and currently residing in Southern California.

Michelle and I have had the exhausting, beautiful, challenging and blessed experience of raising four of the greatest kids on this planet. The three oldest have recently married God fearing spouses and our youngest is currently engaged. My family has always been my first ministry under the conviction that if I had spent my life “saving the world” but my family fell apart in the meantime that I would have failed God. Without the grace and favor of the Abba Father, my beautiful wife at my side, and the love of my kids, I would not be the man that I am today.

It wasn’t until 2 years into our marriage that we realized, even though we owned a home, had cars to drive and worked great jobs, our lives needed something more meaningful. By God’s grace, we both came to Jesus’ saving faith in February 1986 through the ministry of a beloved disciple minded Pastor named Jerry Hill. Our marriage went through many challenges early on and as we pressed into the Lord, more, it seemed to get harder before it got easier! Our firstborn son, Joshua, came into our world the same year we were married. Almost to the day, 12 months later, we were blessed with twin girls! We then completed our family five years later with our precious daughter Hannah. My wife and I dedicated ourselves to being great parents and raising our kids in a Christ centered home. We didn’t do it perfectly, but God certainly allowed us to plant some amazing seed in the lives of our kids.

We always said we wanted our family to offer hope to those in our world. As the kids grew up there were many challenges, trials and life changing moments that tested our commitment as a family and to our God. It was about 17 years ago that I began to feel a call to go to Bible College and be a teacher of The Word in some capacity. I heard very clearly form the Lord one night while working my second job delivering newspapers. I had to pull my truck over because I felt God’s presence and needed pray. I went home and told my wife what God had said to me. She encouraged me and was even willing to move for me to attend school. I wish I could say that I followed through completely but my worry over how we would care for our family and pay for a good school held me back. I started taking classes at night, kept my job, and continued to work in our local Church. Even though God has moved us into several ministry opportunities throughout the years I never felt like I completed that calling.

Since my parents had divorced when I was young I struggled with my identity and what it really meant to be a man. Through the years my dad wasn’t around as often as I wanted him to be. I knew that he loved me, but he was so haunted by temptations that even though he was successful he went down a very destructive path. My dad took his own life on January 4th, 1999. I remember always looking for a mentor because my dad was absent and I desired that Godly leading of a father. For years I leaned on other men to show me the way until the moment that I heard my Abba Father clearly say, “Bob, stop looking for that man and BE that man.

My ministry dream is that God would use me to encourage people in their walk with God. I am not an evangelist, though I share my faith as God moves me to do so. My heart is to see men, women and their families strengthened to grow in unity and press through the trials and junk that the world throws at us. We need to shine for Christ! I have spent several years in men’s ministries and feel there is nothing more rewarding than to pray with a brother during his time of struggle and witness the reconciliation in his life for Christ.

I would love to someday be active in some sort of teaching/counseling capacity, encouraging God’s people to run the race in order to win because there are so many people who count on them to continue to stand in the midst of their storms. It seems today in America and especially in areas like Southern California people are driven to make Christ and Church more appealing like a sideshow which often overshadows the message of hope. We shouldn’t be comfortable to compromise Jesus teachings with the world.

Michelle and I are entering a great season. Our kids are starting their own lives and doing well. We are invested in a great local church body that believes in living lives that usher more of God’s Kingdom to our earth by intentionally living in ways that positively impact those around us.

I am so grateful that I found Christian Leaders Institute for getting ministry training to enable me to take that calling from so many years ago. I am grateful to the donors, students and churches that support Christian Leaders Institute and to the staff that enables so many of God’s people around this planet to dig into His word and grow in their walk. Building a world of “life givers” to show more of God’s Kingdom on earth and reconciling souls.

Prayerfully pursuing Him.
Peace friends.

– Bob Lomas

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