Christian Wedding Officiant Training

Are you a Christian who was asked to perform a Christian wedding ceremony? Are you a staff minister who desires to become licensed as a wedding officiant? Are you a Christian wedding planner who is interested in officiating weddings? Are you interested in starting a marriage ceremony ministry in your local church or community?

There are websites where you can order clergy credentials that are not:

  • Christian ministry training-based
  • Endorsement-based
  • Doctrinally standard-based

These websites may give you legal credentials but are not designed to help you be confident, competent, and credible as a Christian Wedding Officiant. 

Most of these websites offer very little training on conducting a wedding ceremony or conducting pre-wedding meetings.

Through Christian Leaders Institute, you can learn how to perform wedding ceremonies. The Christian Leaders Institute is connected to the Christian Leaders Alliance, where you are granted and commended with minister credentials.  If you are interested in becoming a pastor, click here

You only need a smartphone, tablet, or desktop with an internet connection.

Study and Clergy Recognition Option

Are you looking for an exclusively Christian Clergy Recognition program?  That:

  • Offers Christian and Biblical ministry training. Sign up for a study scholarship at the Christian Leaders Institute. The ministry training comes with lectures, written materials, and quizzes. Training is usually completed in less than one month of part-time study.
  • Asks you to provide a recommendation.  One person is required to recommend that you are a Christian person of character.
  • Posts you on a recognized Clergy Directory at the Christian Leaders Alliance. There is also an official government page for local officials.  Click here.
  • Offers clergy credentials for you to order.  You may order Clergy Kits that recognize your clergy status in your local community. For the couple whose wedding you officiate, .*This purchase supports the Christian Leaders Institute’s work in spreading free ministry courses worldwide. The purchased credentials are needed in some places to prove your licensed clergy status. However, the clergy kit is not required for inclusion in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

How long will this program take to complete?

About 5-10 hours of ministry training.

What will you learn?

This program gives you the essentials you need to minister to couples getting married. You will learn:

  • Learn what the ministry of the wedding officiant is all about. 
  • Learn what needs to happen at the first meeting with a couple.
  • Learn how to research local government requirements. 
  • Learn God’s design for marriage.
  • Learn how to put together wedding programs with couples
  • Learn how to conduct wedding rehearsals. 
  • Learn the basics of putting together a wedding message. 
  • Learn how to conduct the actual wedding. 

How do I start the Wedding Officiant Wedding Program?

You can start this program by enrolling in the Free Christian Leaders Getting Started Study class. Then, after you get orientated to the Christian Leaders Institute, you can enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant program. Read below for more details about this Christian Leaders Alliance program.

Sign Up

Click here to review the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course. Follow the prompts and sign up.

You will also be automatically signed up for a Getting Started Course that will tell you all about the many program opportunities at Christian Leaders.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

What Separates this Wedding Officiant Clergy Recognition from the Easy Clergy Credential Websites?

Many Christians ask us to explain the difference between this Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance program and easy clergy credential websites.

Easy clergy credential websites are not distinctly Christian with a Christian Statement of Faith.

Easy clergy credential websites do not require training or earned academic credentials such as the Christian Wedding Officiant Course at Christian Leaders Institute. You must pass a one-credit college-level course in this program.

Easy clergy credential websites do not require you to be recommended or prayed over by others. Historically, Christian Clergy members received commendation by others and commissioning (prayed over).

Get Licensed to Officiate Christian Weddings – Program Fit?

The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential is perfect for Christians asked to weddings. If that is you and you want to learn how to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, this class will teach you some of the best practices. This class is more than just training. After completing the class, you are duly recognized as a Licensed Wedding Officiant Clergy member in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Wedding Officiant Clery Recognition Program Requirements

How much time with this take? Most who apply themselves have succeeded! Most complete the program in their spare time with less than 10 hours of effort. Here are the program requirements:

Program Requirements: 

  • Christian Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 Credit)
  • Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Credential Class (0 Credits)

Total: 1 Credit

Get Licensed to Officiate Christian Weddings Endorsement

My name is Jerry D. Hollingsworth, Ed.D. I am from Bandera, Texas, USA.

A few weeks ago, my nephew contacted me to ask me if I would be willing to officiate his wedding. While I was honored by his request, I explained to him that I was not ordained. I could sense his disappointment and told him I would look into the prospect. As I began to search online, I found several websites stereotypically set up in the fashion of churning out certificates and ordinations. Most of them also did not mesh with my Christian beliefs. Then I found the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). As I quickly discovered, CLI is so much more than a place to get licensed to officiate weddings. It is a treasure trove of opportunities for Christian leaders who want to grow in their faith.

God Does New Things

I am excited about this new door for ministry that God has opened. My wife and our three sons have been very encouraging in the pursuit of my license. One of my sons said, “Dad, I think that Ryan’s wedding may be the first of many for you. I may have to have you perform my own someday.” Such a response from my son really warmed my heart. It demonstrated that this might be a new direction in ministry for me that I never really considered.

As a candidate to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, I fully believe that God is always doing new things in our lives. I greatly appreciate how CLI focuses not just on the wedding ceremony but also on strengthening women and men as they prepare for a healthy marriage. From my first online interactions throughout my licensure process, it is obvious that the focus is on strengthening the institution of marriage by building them on the solid foundation of Christ.

Read full story

Gateway into More Clergy Roles

Mabye you want to get licensed to officiate Christian weddings or maybe you want to take that further into more licensed or ordain clergy roles. This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant role is the first clergy role at Christian Leaders Alliance. If you are called to advance further in other roles, there are many courses of study and clergy roles.

You can also check out our exciting ordained Christian leader clergy programs and learn more about becoming ordained as a minister. You can do even more training after that for more advanced ordained minister roles.

There is total flexibility when setting up the pace of your clergy program that suits you best.

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