My name is Tadd. I’m a 30-something, married for over 15 wonderful years, three awesome (and energetic) boys.

I grew up “in the church”. I grew up believing in a God, but not understanding what that meant. I would say the typical formulaic prayers before bed. Wonder about the universe. Yet, I yearned to know the TRUTH of the Gospel. But it seemed like people around me who knew, always skirted around the issue. “You’ll learn more when you’re older” or “Ask your pastor more about Christ”.

It wasn’t until I started to attend a Christian high school did the pastor lay out the plan of salvation. How Christ died for my sins. What eternal separation from God looked like. How to study the Word of God. Through the urging of the pastor. The example of my God-fearing girlfriend (who is now my wife). And lots of ‘soul searching’ prayers and Bible reading. I accepted the free gift of eternal life that Christ offers. At the age of 14, my life was made new.

My story doesn’t end there. Through my teens years, I didn’t take my faith with a serious attitude. I attended church religiously. Prayer religiously. Yet, I never allowed the Spirit to transform my life. I harbored my old self.

Things change when faced with the earthly consequences of sin.

Without going into unnecessary detail, the core of my being was shook. Due to my actions, I almost lost everything God had given me on this earth. Respect from peers. My girlfriend of many years. Even my life.

But, God’s grace extends to cover all our sins. With repentance God rejuvenated my heart for Him. With that renewal, I faced the truth of my salvation. While it’s a free gift, it is also a precious one. It’s one that required a true dedication on my part.

Fast forward many years. My wife and I moved from Northeast Ohio to west Michigan where she attended Grace Bible College. We both worked for a non profit for many years. We furthered His kingdom through the skills God gave me. I was IT, print design, web developer, marketing. My wife did, and still does, bookkeeping. I work now for a web agency in Grand Rapids.

I feel a calling. Not just for the lost, but also to build true disciples. People who’ve accepted Christ and continue walking the worldly path showing no fruit. No true change. It breaks my heart seeing people give God lip-service. My desire is to take what I learn at CLI and help edify and change lives. Encourage brothers and sisters in Christ to walk in the light. Stop lingering in the darkness.

“ So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Rev. 3:16

The time we have is short. Christian’s need to stop playing the “Christianism” game. We all need to have a real relationship in Him.

Take back the time. The days are evil (Eph 5:16)

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