Greetings Everyone! My name is Kyara Kelley. I am 23 years old, and yes I am a Preacher’s Kid. I recently graduated from college with a double degree in Music and Business Administration. I currently own my organization called “Confessions of A Churchgirl.” The mission of the organization is Encouraging the millennial generation to seek God and live out our true purpose on the earth. We do this through christian events, workshops, blogging, mentoring and much more. While that is my 24/7 job, I also am a production assistant at ABC News in NYC from 9-5. While being raised in the church, around age 15, I began to be comfortable with practicing religion and living an ungodly lifestyle. Although I have seen others do the same, I wasn’t able to explain why this was seen as okay except for the excuse of I’m young and everyone does this.

At age 16, I heard a word outside of the church that would change my life forever. I had a dream that I was speaking in front of a whole group of teenagers, and they were getting saved and whatever I had to say was saving their lives. This completely tripped me out. It drove me to ask God what this was about. Since that day I haven’t been the same and have been chasing purpose ever since. He then showed me that we as young people live a ” double life” because we do not understand the value of relationship over religion. A relationship changes you back into who God original called you to be through developing Christ-like qualities in love and honesty. Its a process but relationship is authentic and can reach even the millennial generation when religion can not. Through developing a true relationship with God, he was able to show me that God can naturally change my desires and my heart just because we are in a relationship and then religion begins to make some sense.

Although for most this is a dream job, I am more fulfilled doing what God purposed me to do which is bridge the gap between God and the millennial generation through encouraging and focusing on having a relevant and active relationship with Christ instead of depending on just religion. I would like to use this degree and this training to effectively be the youth minister and youth pastor I know that I am called to be. I have been doing youth ministry since I was 13. Although I haven’t always lived the best Christian life, it was my heart for my generation and the generation after me that God used to place me back on the path of his will for my life. I would like to do youth ministry full time and make my purpose my profession.

By having a scholarship at Christian Leadership Institute, I believe I will be well equipt to minister and teach the gospel to the next generation effectively. The scholarship will allow me to learn the skills need to be a well trained and taught minister. I also believe that the connections made through this alliance of students will aid in my learning and allow for covenant connects and relationship to form that will glorify God through unity and perspective. Although I am young, I am very passionate about youth ministry and reaching a generation that has so much faith where to put that faith to change the game.

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