Further my ministry education

For Such a Time as This

My name is Katie Casey. My husband and I live in Madison, WI, with three adult children, three dogs, and six chickens. I am a certified labor doula and trained childbirth educator. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to further my ministry education.

My Salvation Story

I am the youngest and only girl of three, born to Tom and Sandy Line in 1976. My parents were officers in The Salvation Army. Officers are the ordained ministers who have gone through The Salvation Army’s two-year seminary. They taught us to love the Lord and Biblical teachings throughout our childhood. We frequently moved to different Midwest cities as part of the family’s ministry.

At the age of thirteen, I was at a summer camp. Another girl in our cabin introduced my friends and me to a “game” that involved “calling on spirits.” However, we quickly learned that this was no game. One friend attempted to hurt herself through the influence of an evil spirit. The only thing I knew to do was to call out the name, “Jesus!” and the girl stopped.

Several adults spoke to us about the reality of spiritual warfare after they were alerted to what happened. I thought, “This is all real..like, actually real!” At that moment, I felt Jesus say to me, “Now that you know this is real, choose.” I chose Jesus. Therefore, I asked Him into my heart and life because I believed, not because I was copying or trying to please my parents. I wanted a relationship with Jesus.

My Marriage, Family, and Ministry Service

As a young adult, I married, had three children, and worked with children and youth in The Salvation Army with my husband. I worked in ministry at the church for 16 years. In 2010, God changed my path by leading me to become a doula, someone who works with pregnant and postpartum women. I had my practice for seven years as a childbirth educator at a local hospital and as a nanny.

I became a volunteer for a women’s clinic, teaching childbirth classes. At the time, I didn’t realize that this clinic was a Christian organization with a vision to help women choose life for their unplanned pregnancies. Eventually, I learned what their mission was. They hired me to work there full-time. I have been on staff as the Education Manager and Care Coordinator for six years. I work with families to educate and walk beside them in compassionate, non-judgmental support, connecting them to their needed resources.

Further My Ministry Education at CLI

God has had His hand on every twist, turn, upswing, and down in my life. I have always felt called to work with women and children for Jesus. I know God provides opportunities to teach me more and open more doors in my journey. Therefore, I know I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute through divine intervention. He has a plan for me to further my ministry education.

I have had some of the most painful experiences one can have in life. However, I’ve also always seen God’s excellent work and faithfulness despite those experiences. I praise Him! I also constantly seek to follow what Jesus called the greatest of the commandments: to love the Lord our God first and others as ourselves second.

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