Fulfill God Given Assignments - Joseph's Story

Joseph Situka was born into a family of Christians and a mother of witchcraft. Joseph found his way through Christ and felt his calling into ministry. Uganda is poverty-ridden, and affording an education is difficult for it’s citizens. Joseph found Christian Leaders Institute and enrolled to Fulfill God Given Assignments. Here is his story…

Fulfill God Given Assignments – Joseph’s Story

I was born in East Africa Uganda, in a Christian family, four boys and three girls. My father was born again, but my Mother was deep in Witchcraft. Two of my Sisters and my father went to be with the Lord.
I suffered from ASTHMA from my childhood; I tempted committing suicide much times, I hated my self and everyone. I 1994 my elder brother Sam received Christ in his life, and God HEALED him from AIDS.
He requested me to attend a Revival meeting, when I went, as I sat I begun to hear voice in my mind saying ” if you die without Christ Jesus, you will suffer more in Hell”. When I heard that I decided in my heart that I call people to receive Jesus, I was go give my life and home committed sucide and go to Heaven, when I was still thinking, I felt God power coming upon me and fell from my down, I wake up and felt PEACE, JOY I had never felt since I was born, the thought of Suicide disappeared. I went to alter and received Jesus in my life.
I joined full-time ministry for five year was raised in a Local Church in Uganda East Africa where he served as a prayer leader, Minister in Church, Evangelist and later engaged in Pastoral activities, went on planting Churches . I just come a month a go to U.S. To join my wife.

My main ministry dream is to build a responsible God fearing Generation a cross nations. Many Christian Leaders, Pastors, and ministers of the Gospel in East Africa have not had a chance to be Trained in a Bible School, so they make a lot of mistakes in their Ministries.

My Goal is to go back to Africa hold Crusades, Conferences and Start Leadership Training Programs, Community Empowerment Programs, Church planting, Build Gift Homes for Orphans, Medical and Educational assistance.

From the time God HEALED from ASTHMA, my desire is to see others who are suffering, hurting to Experience Gods Love, Healing and life Transforming Power of Jesus Christ.

A scholarship with CLI will help me tremendously to prepare and be more Effective, to fulfill my God-given Assignment in Generation, of Building a Responsible, God fearing Generation

My Prayer is God to help me fulfill my God-given Assignment, God to contact me with People who have the same dream for Africa, to see LIVES Touched and Changed by the POWER of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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